Is Jesus the Alpha + Omega?

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    JW Answers

    Is Jesus the Alpha and Omega? The Watchtower make a bold brass article on their own website claiming that Jesus is NOT the Alpha and Omega, yet however, God's word explains in clear detail that he IS the Alpha and Omega..

    Do we therefore trust what the Watchtower says? Or do we trust what God says?

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    Rev 1-8 The Lord God is the alpha and omega

    Rev 22-13 Jesus is the alpha and omega

    So, no. I personally do not accept the WTS as reliable translators of the bible because they really have no idea who Jesus is...not a &ucking clue...

    The Word of God states unequivocally that God AND Jesus are the alpha and omega.

    That said, it is not possible for Man to be God

    It is possible that God to become man as HE cannot be limited.

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    JW Answers

    Correct. And if you also read Rev 1:7-8, it's referring to Jesus as He is to come.. so as Jesus is coming back, that verse is also referring to him.

    I have shown these verses to JWs in the street, and that is the only topic they scratch their heads at, and begin to ask questions...

  • Earnest

    Revelation 1:4-8 is quite clear there is a distinction between Jesus and his God and Father.

    vss 4, 5 say:

    May you have underserved kindness and peace from "The One who is and who was and who is coming," AND from the seven spirits that are before his throne, AND from Jesus Christ ...

    So there is a distinction between "the one who is and who was and who is coming" and Jesus Christ.

    vs 6 says:

    he [Jesus Christ] made us to be a kingdom, priests to HIS God and Father ...

    vs 7 refers to the Jesus Christ of vss 5, 6 "who is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, and those who pierced him"

    vs 8 uses the same terminology as vs 4 "the Alpha and the Omega, the one who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty",which, in vs 4, is clearly not identifying Jesus Christ.

    It is only reading vss 7,8 out of context that the conclusion can be drawn that Jesus is here identified as the Almighty.

  • cofty

    I agree Earnest.

    Perhaps the most powerful argument against the WT position in the book of Revelation is the fact that everything in heaven and earth fall down and worship Jesus and the Father without distinction.


    Cofty! A rare moment that we are sharing in agreement?

    Praise Jesus Christ I say. Although, we may not agree on

    JW answers - Another JW head scratcher ; "Why do you go door to door with a Catholic book?"

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    JW Answers

    TTWSYF - I have had many an argument on the streets regarding the NWT bibles to the JWs, it gets nowhere, I have argued for 40 minutes over translations, and find it's fruitless.

    They argue that the KJV has errors, it doesn't display God's name, it's a "trinitarian Bible" (obviously they don't agree with the trinity). It's pointless :-( we met with JWs and they didn't want to discuss doctrine, they only wanted to discuss bibles. I have explained about Westcott and Hort, and they deny outright, even when I present evidence.

    One of the other questions they scratch their head at is

    1) Is Jesus your mediator? They say "Yes" but their website says "No" and they get confused..

    2) If Jesus is not God, and there is only one True God, Isaiah 9:6 explains that Jesus is a "mighty God" therefore, is he a true God or false God, if there is only one true God? They cannot answer that one.

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    JW Answers

    Another classic one is that they believe if a person refuses to become a JW in this life, there will be a opportunity for that person to be resurrected in the next life and Jehovah will give them a second chance at serving Him.

    Okay.. so if that is their theory, why become a JW? If you can reject the Watchtowers plan now, and did, but receive another opportunity in the next world.

  • jhine

    Jesus is called " mighty God " in Isaiah and JWs have said to me that Jehovah is always called Almighty God so there is a difference .However later on in Isaiah the SAME word translated as " mighty " in 9:6 ( g'bur if l remember rightly ) is used to describe Jehovah and is there translated as Almighty .

    Just thought that l would drop that in to confuse things even more


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    JW Answers

    Jesus is referred to Mighty God in Isaiah 9, yet the Father (Jehovah) is also referred to as Mighty God in Isaiah 10. As the Father is referred to as Almighty, the Lord Jesus is referred to as Almighty in Revelation 1:8.

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