The stuff JWs get right

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  • waton

    no 3 is right, if they really ever printed that, but the corollary doctrine that "the righteous will live on the earth forever" is wrong, because

    the Earth as we know it, with a benign sun, will be utterly gone in ~4 billion years.

    It is the bible that is wrong. 1) wt has added many errors to it. (and rejected some). that is why we reject the lot, keeping the beneficial.

    2) and 3) contradict the bible because Gen 1:1 says In the beginning both the earth and the rest of the universe were created together. so:

    by whom, How TheBibleWasCreated ? by early primitives with no help from above. wt has no help from above either. imho


    They jumped on the “Old Earth” bandwagon to try and separate themselves from the “Young Earth” creationists. They never said a damn thing to my knowledge until they had to. They just don’t want to be considered too dumb by the average person.

    They also don’t want to accept the fact that the Bible teaches a flat, disc shaped Earth because they would be ridiculed. They don’t even believe what the Bible says..

    I don’t think I would ever use the term “right” about the WTBTS.


  • smiddy3

    Religion is a snare and a racket , I couldn`t think of anything else they ever got right.

  • Onager

    Why would this be in any way a good thing?

    A man could get everything right with all his beliefs, the origin of species, the existence of god, everything, but if he also believes that it's ok to murder people because he's "special", then he is a wholly bad person.

    The JW organisation has killed people and ruined lives with their policies. It doesn't matter what they've got right, it's what they've got wrong that defines them.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I forgot number 6. At one time the bible students believed in animal evolution over 1000 years ago I think

  • joe134cd

    Their strong stance against drunkenness, drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, pre marital sex. Saved me a lot of problems. I’m going to go against the grain here and add Christmas to it as well - an unecesssry hassal, similar to wt really. Lol.

  • menrov

    I believe the WT is not right because they write about something that is proven in science. It was not the WT who said as the first the earth is round. Smoking was bad before WT prohibited it. The WT did not write the bible (some added words maybe).

    There is actually nothing positive that can be credited to the WT. All they have done is using what somewhere was already written and published that in their publications. I have never read a good news article in which a JW played a role, nor any invention, nor any prediction, nor anything else. If WT would rule the world, women would have no rights, we would still be in the stone age with few men ruling all.

  • smiddy3

    As I understood it in the 1960`s they said that the universe could be millions of years old as was stated in Gen.1:1.

    And the following verses only apply to God turning his attention to preparing the Earth for humans to inhabit.

    Their is a difference.

    Of course that still means that humans have only existed on Earth about 6000 years by their chronology,do they still teach one creative day is 7000 years long ? From "Paradise Lost To Paradise Regained" ?

    Or is that just one more of their teachings that they choose to ignore nowadays.

  • Rattigan350

    OneeyedJoe. They never said the earth was 49000 years old. They taught that the creative days were 7000 years in length. But Gen 1:1 was accomplished before that started so God created the heavens and the earth. Bang. That is the big bang. Then an unknown time after that the creative days began.

    The Bible agrees with science.

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