Wriggling Like A Worm On A Hook???

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    Ironic that the "Tour Guide" failed to realize that the "Kingdom Rules" book would be studied so close to the Australian RC, and the new "un-inspired" WT study, which admits that the GB makes mistakes in doctrine.


  • Listener
    IMAGINE that an experienced guide is leading you on a tour of a wondrous and beautiful city. The city is new to you and to those with you, so you hang on to the guide’s every word. At times, you and your fellow tourists wonder excitedly about some of the city’s features that you have not yet seen. When you ask your guide about such things, however, he withholds his comments until key moments, often just when a certain sight is coming into view. In time, you grow ever more impressed with his wisdom, for he tells you what you need to know right when you need to know it.

    If this illustration is accurate, this is supposed to be how things work, but the following comments explain that it has not been.

    We should be hanging on to every word from the Guide and only the Guide's.

    2 True Christians are in a situation similar to that of the tourists. We are eagerly learning about the most wondrous of cities, “the city having real foundations,” the Kingdom of God. (Heb. 11:10)

    Here we see that Christians are considered to be tourists in this example. This includes the GB because, after all, they are not leaders, nor could they be considered experienced guides. They are imperfect and interpreting the Bible is new to them.

    3 Jesus spoke the words recorded at John 16:12 on the final night of his earthly life. After his death, how would he continue to teach faithful people about God’s Kingdom? He assured his apostles: “The spirit of the truth . . . will guide you into all the truth.” * (John 16:13) We may think of the holy spirit as a patient guide. The spirit is Jesus’ means of teaching his followers whatever they need to know about God’s Kingdom—right when they need to know it.

    Since Jesus said it was the HS that would guide us after he left, then it is not the work of the GB. Again, the writer tells us that we will be taught right when we need to know it.

    4 Let us consider how Jehovah’s holy spirit has been guiding sincere Christians into greater knowledge about that Kingdom.

    Just as an aside, apparently it is God’s HS that is guiding us and Jesus is using that HS, it starts to sound Trinitarian.

    As we saw in Chapter 2 of this book, the Bible Students spent decades pointing out that the year 1914 would be significant in fulfilling Bible prophecy. However, at that time they believed that Christ’s presence had begun in 1874, that he had begun to rule in heaven in 1878, and that the Kingdom would not be fully set up until October 1914. The harvest would extend from 1874 to 1914 and would culminate in the gathering of the anointed to heaven. Do mistaken ideas such as these cast doubt on whether Jesus was guiding those faithful ones by means of holy spirit?
    6 Not at all! Think again of our opening illustration. Would the premature ideas and eager questions of the tourists cast doubt on the reliability of their guide? Hardly! Similarly, although God’s people sometimes try to work out details of Jehovah’s purpose before it is time for the holy spirit to guide them to such truths, it is clear that Jesus is leading them. Thus, faithful ones prove willing to be corrected and humbly adjust their views.—Jas. 4:6.

    Not only are we being fed the wrong food but it is being given at the improper time. But not to worry, it’s only our fellow tourists that are doing this. The Tour Guide has given no incorrect information, he’s always right and will give us the information at the right time.

    This raises the question as to why some of the tourists, the GB, are making mistakes, giving wrong information and making assumptions on future events? The answer is clear, they are not following the Tour Guide. Since this tour is one of life or death, that is a serious problem.

    Then there is the question as to why the other tourists, out of their eagerness, fall into the trap of listening and obeying the instructions of other, apparently more experienced tourists (the GB)? Because they are under some misapprehension that those tourists have some direct assistance from the Tour Guide.
    How did they come to think that? Because those tourists (the GB) appointed themselves to that position and claimed to have knowledge that they did not.

    It is clear from the example that the tourists should only be following the Tour Guide (the HS) and they only have themselves to blame for following other tourists. By following those tourists taking the lead, they can never be sure how accurate the information is and they have already proven, over and over, that they cannot be relied upon.

    7 In the years following 1919, God’s people were blessed with more and more flashes of spiritual light. (Read Psalm 97:11.) In 1925, a landmark article appeared in The Watch Tower, entitled “Birth of the Nation.” It laid out convincing Scriptural evidence that the Messianic Kingdom had been born in 1914, fulfilling the prophetic picture of God’s heavenly woman giving birth, as recorded in Revelation chapter 12. * The article further showed that the persecution and trouble that came upon Jehovah’s people during those war years were clear signs that Satan had been hurled down from heaven, “having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.”—Rev. 12:12.

    Wait a minute, if this information is even true, was this information from the Tour Guide or from the fellow tourists?

    Oh, I think I've knocked that one on the head. It was from the Tour Guide until the tourists taking the lead decide that it was wrong, at which point in time it can then be considered to be from the tourists and the new information replacing it is now from the Tour Guide. We could play this game forever. The Tour Guide would be so frustrated with this group of people, it's not his fault after all.

    8 How important is the Kingdom? In 1928, The Watch Tower began to stress that the Kingdom was more important than personal salvation by means of the ransom. Indeed, it is by means of the Messianic Kingdom that Jehovah will sanctify his name, vindicate his sovereignty, and carry out all his purposes regarding mankind.

    Wasn’t the ransom more important than the Kingdom?
    Isn’t the ransom the key to the birth of that Kingdom?

    9 Who would rule with Christ in that Kingdom? Who would be the earthly subjects of that Kingdom? And what work should occupy Christ’s followers?"

    Now is our opportunity to read on folks in that magazine and see what the tourists taking the lead have to say about that. Follow their thoughts at your own risk.

  • nowwhat?

    Next on our magical mystery your we will be seeing Beth sarim a beautiful mansion built for the prophets of old .maybe well see king David or moses! Oh who's that?! It's judge rutherford pulling out of the garage in one of his cadillacs! "Ooo- ahh!"

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    JWs indeed are worms, they certainly are hooked and to wriggle is their way of life.

    I like the Bible propaganda quoted that God's Kingdom is a "city built on true foundations". It is only where there is a fantasy city as the subject when anyone would try to convince the reader that it has "true foundations."

    Any bunch of tourists would probably lynch the GB as tourist guides. One hundred and thirty seven years of getting everything wrong.

  • stuckinarut2

    Imagine a deranged guide that is as lost as hell and just winging it on a daily basis...but has millions of people's lives in his hands...

  • tiki

    A bunch of manipulative crap designed to maintain mental fog and lack of reasoning on the hooey they spew out. Amazing the lengths they go to keep their minions ready and willing to accept any bs they dream up. No taking of real responsibility and ever admitting...yes, we erred. We led you down the wrong path and we are sorry. Reality has proved our predictions wrong. Hah...that'll be the day....

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