Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 3-26-2017 WT Study (January 2017) (REMAIN MODEST)

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  • jp1692

    God, the "Creator of the Universe," apparently has nothing better to do than care about the tightness of your clothes , the cut of your hair and the kind of socks you wear.

    Maybe it's because solving the REAL PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD is just too hard ... no, that's not it.

  • Darkknight757

    JW's are the definition of Whitewashed graves. Sadly they are too busy restricting individuality, making cardboard disciples.

    They miss the weightier things, child abuse scandal, abusive shunning policy, and child baptism. This cult is going down in flames.

    Same old regurgitated garbage over and over and over again. I swear they just reprint these articles every year and the witlessss just keep studying them at their meetings. They are just doing whatever it takes to waste more of their precious time.

    Even this letter campaign is just another way to spend time doing something that will have no effect. Ask any witless and they don't even know the real reason for the ban or why Watchtard is so interested in Russia. It's all about the properties. Money money money.

  • waton

    Par. 12: wt: " Explain things in such a way that we get the credit" comment: true, particularly, if wt study comments are made in arrogant tone of voice!

    .par 14, was thinking of the dumped District Overseers.

    par. 16 wt: "god does not withhold his love if mistakes are made, " comment: but will hit the errant leaders with a heavier judgement. Jas. 3:1

  • Saethydd

    Also, doesn't paragraph 16 kind of contradict the opening example? After all God didn't seem to keen to forgive his prophet who made the mistake of being deceived. Judging by his track record he doesn't have any patience for people who are easily tricked. Not good news for the average JW.

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