New song, "Who We Stoning Today" For my good friend Eric on JWSTRUGGLE.coom

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  • Greybeard

    I wrote this song after watching Eric's judicial stoning. I used the words he spoke at the beginning of his video and added more words... Here is to you Eric, thank you for all you help at

  • Crazyguy
    Nice, nice job.
  • Diogenesister
    You are one very talented man, greybeard. Do you have any music published or a band etc?👍 👏👏👏
  • Greybeard
    Thank you! I jam with some friends but no band at the moment. I am working on my third album right now, writing the songs. My music is on iTunes and many other sites. I have a link to my music for free on my youtube channel recently posted. After you click on the video, go to my channel to hear other music. My name is Gregg Steven Blasingame. I recorded those 2 CDs as Gregg Stevens.
  • Listener

    If I had a song written specially for me, I'd be happy to get stoned :)

    You have a lot of talent.

  • Greybeard
    Eric from has been asking me for a long time to post videos, I just haven't felt up to it until now. I just made another video to Jehovah Witnesses and the governing body. Thats two videos today and I'm done... Eric hasn't seen them yet, he will be surprised, he is coming over soon to get into the spa. t am hoping someone in my family see's it:
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thanks for doing this Greybeard! My husband and I were with you the whole way through... Laughing, crying, and saying, "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" We felt your pain, we know the craziness, can see your heartache, and thank you for the courage to let us in.

    We met your buddy, Eric, this summer, in Tahoe, and look forward to maybe skyping? maybe you can be there too? Ever think of coming to Tahoe for a camping trip? Bring your guitar, and Flipper always brings his... You two can get it going!

    Hugs, cha ching!

  • Greybeard
    Thank you cha ching, I am glad you liked it. I would love to go to Tahoe. Most of my communication I like to do through email. I am not Skyping yet sorry. Your comment means a lot to me.
  • 3rdgen

    Greybeard, I enjoyed your performance. You MUST try to make it to Tahoe next year. it turns out that Cha Ching and I were in the same congregation in 1968!!!! we hadn't seen each other since. Yet, it was as if no time had passed. Thanks for the musical reminder- I am trying my best to stop letting fear rule my life.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Greybeard, we'd love to email you, you can pm us... Eric said he would Skype with me... mayabe you could go over to his house?

    P.S..... You even got me to try and "pop" my mouth! haha! I did it! YAY! Thx again! cha ching!

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