Seriously.... Something has to be done.

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  • kairos

    If the authorities of 'the world' ALL cracked down on the WTS in court, right now, JWs would go insane.
    ( more insane )

    It would be fulfillment of bible prophecy for sure!
    First the attack on Babylon the Great, then the turn on "the Only True" religion.
    ( that's "touching Jehovah's eyeball" for those of you scoring from home ).
    The call of "Peace and Security" also must be made.

    Gog of Magog as well.

    I still don't see how them being part of the UN was "faithful or discreet"?

    No, nothing needs to be done. They're fine...

  • pepperheart
    yes lets start taking all the bottles of poison that the JWs give out (teaching books) and throw them in the trash.If a 1000 people from this site take just one book a week from the trolleys for a year that would be 52,000 books taken out of the hands of people who might get sucked into the borg
  • Vidiot

    @ kairos...

    You're suggesting that some JWs would assume the Great Trib had started, but...

    ... others would be asking themselves, "wait... isn't 'Babylon the Great' supposed to be attacked, first?', or "wait... where's the cry of 'Peace and Security'?, right?

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    You ar right Vidiot, the belief system is not understood by all, it doesn't make sense it is not coherent and for goodness sake it is ever changing! Why on earth don't they just wake up? (he said rhetorically)
  • kairos

    Yes. JWs have a definite sequence of events that they truly ( we used to ) believe are happening right now.

    The only problem is, regardless of what's being taught currently or during any time period in JW history, the end is ALWAYS near and the leadership is ALWAYS correct.

    Disagree and die.

  • blondie

    You have to be true to yourself...but also ask what your goal is.

    I was presented with some thing about info from some missionaries I was studying with at the same time I found a "lie" about WTS history, 1993, WT mag said one thing and Proclaimers book said something else. It opened my mind to confirming carefully any quotes and statements.

    It took 7 years before I do not be surprised that your jw friends and family do not leave the same day your reveal eye-opening material. Rome was not built in a day...

    We did not take long to stop going to the meetings/field service after we made up our minds we did not want to be part of the WTS any more, Less than 6 months. We are neither da'd or df'd but inactive. Most of my family are dead and we never really had friends in the organization. The jws we run into are fairly friendly and smile at us and exchange a few updates on their personal life.

    Everybody is different and their family and friends are too. But I feel it takes time for jws who are wondering to grasp a true fact and know what to do. Leaving family is hard if you feel it is necessary. Make anew family then. We did not get into the WTS overnight, we won't get out overnight.

  • Khaleesi

    I agree something needs to be done but, ...honestly most JWs especially in the Spanish are not willing to let go their social circle even when presented with sound arguments & proof, their social circle is embedded strongly in their culture... i attempted to test waters with an older couple who were related to me, very close I am with them & see them daily, they were in the Eng for years, he even being an elder, went to the Spanish after the BOE forced him to step down & was badly treated by 1 in particular... recently he commented to me that one study of his is into prophecy & he is studying the revelation book with his study, he mention that he had to consistently tell his study to cross out things off the book telling him "oh this is not the understanding anymore, cross out this, cross out that".... i asked him " do you ever wonder why they keep changing things? " his response " well no that's old light", then I asked "but u know there's a scripture that states there is no darkness with God, so each time he spoke it came true, u don't wonder?" He said " I try not to think about it, it's all very confusing, what matters is the love we have" ..... I realize that there was no way he would entertain a unbiased discussion of truth or facts..... many JWS just don't want to wake up from the fantasy no matter what...

    i Totally agree with Magnum we have a sense of justice no matter how difficult the real truth or how hard, we are not the people that would stand blinded & continue to stay watchtower zombies, whether still in due to circumstances or out we will always be pursuers of justice. ... many unfortunately do not have that sense of strong Justice & want to be blinded... I wish I could also tell the elders in my cong to their faces it's all a lie & we are WT slaves!!! One day will come

  • Vidiot

    Khaleesi - "...most JWs... are not willing to let go their social circle..."

    Ironic, considering that those same social circles would give them the boot if they discovered how those individuals actually felt about "The Truth".

    In fact, realizing that helped make my fade a little easier.

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