Seriously.... Something has to be done.

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    I am aware of the constant debate about whether or not to confront JWs, because they will merely retreat behind their persecution complex. Well, I say, "BULL SHIT!"

    Religitards, as in the case of the recent Paris attacks, ( Yes, the JWs are EQUAL to those terrorists, is so much as they perpetuate lies that ultimately retard the progress of mankind), must be challenged without remorse, as their assertions are made without remorse for those who are forever scarred by their lies.

    We have a choice. Do we hide behind a facade of "political correctness" and lie to our fellow man; allowing them to skip down the primrose path of life, oblivious to the harm they cause, or do we say, " F*** THAT!!!"?

    The choice is yours....



  • Magnum

    I agree that something has to be done. I'm laying low right now... observing... waiting for events to develop. I'm hoping it's going to become even more obvious that things are wrong in JW land.

    I am not forgetting about what the org did to me and took from me and what it has done (and is still doing) to and taken (and still taking) from others. It is trying to entrap young ones through baptism, etc. It is a manipulative, deceptive, propaganda machine, one that is dishonest and hides its history.

    Since I left, I've only had one interaction with a JW - one who tried to witness to me informally in a parking lot when I was out of town. I very diplomatically, but firmly, unwitnessed to her. She was totally clueless (deer in headlights look). I can't do that in my area right now where I'm recognized, but I think there's coming a time when I won't care about that - when I can and will challenge all without remorse.

    I'm still trying to determine to what degree I should blame individual JWs. I realize that a lot of it depends on the individual. I know many who are totally to blame. They are smug and self-righteous and overly confident. They can't even remotely visit the possibility that they could be wrong. I salivate at the idea of their having their wrongness rammed up their noses so with every breath they smell it deeply.

    There are many who are ignorant and not very high on the intelligence scale who look at me as it something's wrong with me - like I'm weak and/or stupid and/or evil. I want justice; I want them, too, to have it rammed up their noses. I want them to know they're the idiots - not I.

    I guess there are some who are sort of innocent, but I just can't think of any specific examples right now - maybe some of the old-timers who are disturbed by the current situation in JWdom, but just hang on because they don't know what else to do; their JW paradise hope is all they have.

    There are some I'm willing to forgive, but I do want them to apologize and acknowledge their being wrong first. I certainly acknowledge that I fell for it for a while. However, to my credit, I say that it wasn't as obvious that it was wrong when I was fully active. Also, I was honest. I recognized that not all was right and voiced my concerns, but overlooked them because I thought that overall the org was right. A number of JWs told me they appreciated my honesty while I was in.

    There are others that I'm not so willing to forgive (unless they really change). I want them to see how wrong they are and then I never want to lay eyes on them again. I don't like them and wouldn't even if they weren't or had never been JWs.

    from your post: "I'm Stan - a brother from Canada, sharing your uplifting photos of our theocratic activities and of the best life ever".

    He sounds like the goody-goody kind that I'd love to encounter.

    Just wanted to add: I'm not mean in any way. I'm reasonable and forgiving and understanding, but I also have a strong sense of justice. I want JWdom and some JWs to get what they deserve, but I want to help JWs who are helpable.

  • rebelfighter


    You have a valid point. First I will say I am very sure there are more extremely nice JW and Muslims then Bad ones. Ever since the events in Paris last week I have pondered the question how does the upper tiers of JWS differ from ISIS? Look at all the pedophiles they hide and let run lose to commit again and this is against their own children. Look at the emotional abuse this causes those victims by first leaving the abuser remain in the congregation and secondly by not getting the needed council for the victim and in some cases now this absurd they have called it fornication (ok I think the elders need to go to jail, imho). Then you have allowing abuse of women. Return to the children failure to educate the children. Age appropriate discussion during meetings, emotional abuse. Disfellowshipping of anyone under the age of 20 would be classified as child abuse. Oh, how about capital punishment - child abuse. The splitting up of families is a horrible form of emotional abuse. All of this is promoted very much from the GB on down.

    The big difference is ISIS is doing it with big guns in public spaces and gets media attention. JWS does it against family members and hides its crimes behind closed doors and if they boot you out or you leave they call you Apostates -- so no body will listen to you, they are afraid of you. Or you stay in as pointed out at the ARC it is a captive religion.

  • whathappened

    Sieze the day! I had cards made up with jwfacts and other websites on it.

    The card says "be ready the next time Jehovah's Witnesses call!"

    I put them everywhere, doctors waiting rooms, bulitan boards, restaurants and stores.

    I never pas up an opportunity to unwitness. I belong up JWs every chance I get and educate people what they are really like.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    JWs are not idiots but they are often clueless, emotionally stunted and needy. We know because we've been there. I chose to be a JW at the age of fourteen.

    The permanent state of denial and irrationality exhibited by JWs; is to defend their own dream of paradise...just as it is for the Muslim terrorist. The parallel does not end there. As I will be telling the next JW I meet that anyone who places religious ideals above the value of life and of human welfare is a threat to all civilisation.

    Yes DD something has to be done. They must be hit where it hurts... in the money department. Why should an organisation such as the socially destructive WTBTS be encouraged by the state through tax exemption?

    Now is a good time to put the case to the appropriate authorities.

  • slimboyfat
    JWs are not equal the ISIS come on you want to make this look like fruit cake central?
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Slimboyfat, of course JWs are no where near as dangerous as ISIS although they threaten the death of all non believers, at least only harm their own.
  • rebelfighter


    I think the number I saw somewhere the Watchtower had files on 22,000 + pedophiles they call "sins" not crimes. These are DAMAGED children the Governing Body could not give a care about, some of them even were disfellowshipped by some stupid old BS Elder for fornication excuse me they were raped these men are the ones that are mentally diseased.

    How about the way the kids are raised in this religion the emotional abuse, no social skills, lack of education, teaching of hate for worldly people, I could go on but you know d... well what I am getting at. I was only introduced to this bloody religion when the "Elder " tried to convert me.

    I have spent the better part of 50+ years as child advocate. I have fought in 2 public school system to get not only my children services but other peoples children. I have seen kids go off to college that they predicted never would graduate high school.

    I helped put a pervert in jail for 15 years and he will be registered for life.

    All my spare time goes into raising money for children in need of medical procedures from the Shriner's Hospitals and from Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment.

    Furthermore, this religion has no business allowing women because you do not come to the aid of the abused spouse. How many times have I read in these threads go pray about it or go be a better wife or go talk to the d... elder about it. Let me give you a little clue -- let a wife walk into a Masonic Lodge all bruised up from a beating she will not have to talk to anyone. That brother will be going for a walk with MANY of his brothers and I guarantee you he will never lay a hand on a woman again.

    This religion should have been for MEN only and leave ALL the kids and women at home!!

    Rant over.

  • rebelfighter
    Also in the Masonic community if you put a bruise on a child we ask no questions, we do not investigate, we allow the proper authorities with experience to investigate the matter, so a bruise we just do the right thing we call the police.
  • Simon
    Yes, the JWs are EQUAL to those terrorists

    I think you lost any chance at making a convincing argument right there.

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