Demon dog

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  • lastmanstanding

    Look at the picture for yesterday's Watchtower study. See the good JW folks sitting around the campfire....

    ZOOOOM in on that campfire. Have a good look.


    Do you have a pic? What issue? I've found a lot of hidden pictures and it's not that condition where you see faces. These are very deliberate actions on the part of illustrators.


  • skin

    I can see what you think you are seeing, but I don't think there is anything odd within this picture. You have to really push the imagination to see anything more than a fire.

    Here is the picture.

  • MissFit


    I saw a dog right away without really trying. In fact I saw the dog before i saw the fire.

  • Listener

    If I turn the picture upside down, I can see the profile of a dog. His eye is towards the top and his nose is near the guys left hand. If it's just a fire then the bottom half of the fire is not normal.

  • MissFit

    I would not have realized it was a fire if the op hadn't mentioned it.

    That is a very strange looking camp fire.

    "Demonic" is pushing it though.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Looks like a fire to me. A funny looking fire, but then, the people look funny also. Those are people, right?

  • jws

    Our brain wants to recognize patterns.

    If anything, it looks like there's a face on the girl's knee (second from the left).

    I don't see a dog.

    And the guy with the guitar reminds me of Dave Thomas (founder, CEO, and adman for Wendy's). Are they going to eat burgers now? So creepy.

  • MissFit

    It's not a whole dog, just his face. (Eyes and nose) look at the brown part close to the hand of the girl wearing the purple shirt.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Either they are burning a german shepherds head up in the fire or an upside down cows head. (yes there is the two of them) There is a lot of weird painting going on. To me it looks like they used a program to simplify the photo and then retouched with small detail. Or they repainted the whole photo doing "airbrushing" and then fine detail. But there are lighting problems with the inside of the mans fluffy vest who's roasting a marshmallow. His hand is too bright white. It also looks like a person has been cut out of the picture on the left because of the sharp shadow - but I think that is their attempt at making it look like the "fire" is casting a strong light on the girls blanket.

    My, that fire is sure throwing off white light.

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