Theocratic Ministry School cancelled. Why?

by the girl next door 17 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • konceptual99
    The TMS has not been cancelled. It's just had a format change and rebrand.
  • Vidiot

    Magnum- "I think it was for legal reasons; they just needed to remove the word 'school', and since they were doing that, they rearranged things a little."


    Dovetails a bit with the rumors we've recently heard about the real reasons they dropped having the Book Study in people's homes, and moved it to the Service meeting.

  • ttdtt

    Also - I dont think just because we call it a "school" that any governmental authority would think we are a real school. There are currently states that require checking for teacher, and this does not effect JWs. But if it were a concern, it would be much easier for the GB to send a letter saying - "Dear Brothers - if you TMS Overseer is a Felon, please contact the Legal Dept, and assign someone else who has not committed crimes or is a sex abuser."

    Warm Christian Greetings - bla bla bla

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Ok so the TMS was not cancelled, it was reformatted and rebranded. Why?
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    the girl next door:

    "Ok so the TMS was not cancelled, it was reformatted and rebranded. Why?"

    Probably because they had to lump 3 meetings in one night. Not that that makes any sense either. They're always changing something in that religion.

  • ttdtt

    In magic - misdirection is the biggest tool used to make a trick work.

    Man since 2014 the GB have had a full court press on keeping everyone so drunk on changes and events, that they don't see whats going on.
    I am amazed when I see some long time sisters practically have an orgasm when a BIG change is announced ( like at annual meeting). All I was thinking was, MAN I was believing a lie for 30 years? And I have been telling people at their door that this is the absolute truth!
    Is there like a cone of amnesia secretly planted in every KH?
    How does everyone forget what was absolutely true only last week?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I got a text that it is being said that the reason they did that was because of new rules requiring background checks of teachers in religious settings?

    Anyone else hear this or can verify?

    No time to verify! This rumor needs repeating! And JWs love their urban legends, so ramp it up!

    "I heard from one of the ex-bethelites whose friend sits at a table with a GB member who said that they needed to get rid of the word "school" or the government would come through and flush out all the child molesters from the congregations. In order to protect the secrecy of these abusers, WT has dropped the word "school"."

  • konceptual99
    Ok so the TMS was not cancelled, it was reformatted and rebranded. Why?

    Because everything is being changed and rebranded in this religion at the moment. They had reached a plateau of top down, centralised dissemination of information and then they embraced video and the internet. Now they have a whole new set of tools to use to make things even more prescriptive and they cannot stop themselves inventing new ways of using them.

    The average joe dub is being kept completely pre-occupied with change, duped into a false sense of urgency, hopefully distracted from complaint or becoming discontented with failed dogma through a never ending stream of new "content".

    Every possible negative is being spun either overtly (e.g. the money/construction debacle) or covertly through rumour, some chariot references and over active imaginations fired by a group persecution complex.

    The conclusion of the matter however is that whatever spews out of the arse of Bethel you just scrape the surface of the turd and expose the same old shite dumped into a new bucket.

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