Micro-expressions! Fascinating!

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  • OrphanCrow
    DataDog: It's subjective for sure. Science can't even explain how humans pick up certain subtleties of human behavior. Is it a survival instinct?
    Sometimes we get a "gut feeling" about someone, or a situation. What's going on? Are we analyzing data on a subconscious level?

    It is the right brain functioning that is responsible for detecting these subtleties of behaviour.

    The right side of our brain is responsible for pattern recognition. It stores all the information on patterning and while we are looking at a person's face, it is frantically checking expressions against all its stored knowledge of recognizable patterns. When something is 'off' the right side of our brain knows it and sends out a signal to the left side of the brain.

    But the problem is that the right side of the brain doesn't have language. It has no words. No way of communicating in the left side rational language system. So it does what it can. It makes our stomachs queasy, it makes our hearts flip. Sublte and sometimes not so subtle body reactions.

    Those are those 'intuitions', the feelings that we have and so often ignore, choosing decisons based on our preferred 'rational' side of the logical left brain.

    People with well-connected corpus callusum and balanced brain fuctioning are usually better at reading and interpreting those right brain pattern recognition signals that are always operating below the consciousness.

    Yes, we are analyzing data at a subconscious level. All the time. With the right side of our brains.

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