Blade Runner mentioned in the Watchtower

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  • jp1692
    After all, E.T. is make-believe. Christ is reality.

    Um, they’re both make-believe. Christians just don’t known it.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @AverageJoe1 Amazing references! I'm sure there was an article implicitly warning against the dangers of Edward Scissorhands back in the 90s... can't remember which magazine, though.

  • Blade R
    Blade R

    No pude dejar de comentar aquí, jajaja.

    Blade Runner siempre ha sido una de mis películas favoritas. Lo vi en 1983 y, aunque ya era testigo de Jehová, era la primera vez que sentía una conmoción en "la fuerza", como si algo no estuviera bien en mis creencias.

    Sigue siendo una de las películas que más me gusta.

    Blade R.

    P.D. Gracias por las referencias AverageJoe1

  • punkofnice
    Many in today’s world have clearly gone overboard in their devotion to science- fiction books ...

    And they believe the Bible?

    Talking snakes and donkeys are ok but the Gorn isn't?

    Oh, how we laughed.

  • blownaway

    My first R movie was Stir Crazy with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. I took my new wife about a month after we were married. We have been watching R movies ever since. We saw the Exorcist several times. That is one of those movies that is as creepy today as it was back then. Great movie. BladeRunner is one of my all time fav. movies. The new one not so much. I wonder how many JWs secretly watch movies now that you can find links to pirated movies before they are even out in the theater and stream them. I bet some do. I know some wont. The real funny thing is what would have made an R movie in 1970 would be fine on TV today.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    My first R movie was Passion of the Christ, and that was shortly before I fully woke up. The rating system is often inconsistent. You'll have an otherwise clean movie rated R for a few F words or something, and then there's some PG-13 films I've seen that should've been rated R for the graphic violence, gun deaths etc. I don't mind R rated films that are justified in their content, but it seems that many are 'aiming' for an R and it comes off as shoehorned and cringy like middle school mentality, 'look at me, I'm rated R, ooooh'

  • AnonVet
    I remember a comment at a WT study years ago, perhaps in the 80s. I vaguely remember it being from the actual printed page, but it may have just been an off-hand comment.

    It was regarding KISS and AC/DC. I tried digging up the article years later but could not find any reference to these bands. So maybe it was my imagination? I could have sworn it was in print.
  • undercover
    After all, E.T. is make-believe. Christ is reality.

    BwaaHaHaHaHa... Hoo boy, those Watchtower writers can really tickle the funny bones at times.

    I remember the backlash against E.T. - after the article came out, and it was reiterated in convention talks. Up till then no one gave it a second thought, just a heartwarming story about a boy and his alien. But, noooo, the WTS had to rob that warm glow from us. Make us feel guilty about watching a harmless movie. Spielberg, you tool of Satan.

    I also remember a Bethel elder giving a talk at a convention the summer the 2nd Indiana Jones movie came out, and blasted it, for it's goriness, and links to spiritistic activity.

    And of course, The Exorcist had everyone all keyed up. I can't remember all the different JW urgan legends I heard about dubs who attempted to watch the movie, and had some misfortune befall them. Directly related to the demons who were only able to get to us through William Peter Blatty.

    Really, any movie, band, celebrity, or fad that hit big, had the WTS finding fault with it somehow. From, 'it's time consuming' to 'it's demon inspired', it didn't matter, they were going to do their best to keep you from spending your time and money on it, and instead, devote it to them.

  • Vidiot

    Ironic, considering just how much hard-R content is found in their own scriptures. :smirk:

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    WT didn't like starTrek, cuz they didn't want people to find out about "The Borg"! Haha!

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