Elusive response from Japan's Branch

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  • punkofnice
    Could you explain why someone leaving a soft drink outside someones door is a big deal?

    I wondered this too. what is the significance of a soft drink and why the plants?

    Welcome Yoko.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I posted last night and my message is still swirling around the universe...

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    So for clarification, is this what you want to share with us?

    1. An active JW is posting on an exJW site trying to refute the truth that exJW's understand and comphrend without the FOG effect? Fear Obligation Guilt

    2. The active man who's face and address have been revealed is upset.

    3. Who dumped the trash?

    a. Active JW's

    b. ExJw's

    c. Unknown. Does not matter.

    4. Active, humble, naive JW's think that what has been revealed on the exJW site are all lies?

    a. So active JW's think exJW's are spreading lies and falsehoods on the internet and have contacted JW..org to do something about it?

    b. So the big problem is that JW..org does not want to touch this because they will have to expose themselves as fraudsters and might lose "their people", the ones that give them money to support their rich life style.

    c. JW..org is a sham of a religion. Calling themselves a Christian Charity based on the teachings of Christ is false.

    d. JW..org is a world wide publishing house but their real money maker for them is in real estate development, built on free labor and other people's money. Buy land cheap. Call in for "volunteer" free labor. Build. Hold on for a while. Turn around and sell. JW..org then pockets the money and turns around asking active JW's to please give them more money, free labor... Wash and repeat.

    e. JW..org does not care if children are sexually abused. Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson lied on tape to the Judge at the Austrlian Royal Commission. When asked many questions all pertaining to the sexually abused JW children in Australia, he played naive, and would not directly, honestly, and humbly, as Christians are taught to do, answer the questions. He is a fraud. A liar. JW..org protects child molesters. This is a fact!

    Child abuse is a world wide problem. Most people abhor child abuse and will do everything in their power to help poor, innocent, abused children. Not JW..org!

    Good people with normal intelligence, can see that what Geoffrey Jackson did in Court was wrong! He kept smiling like an idiot! What would an idiot think? (I will not answer any question correctly and that way no one will sue me and I can continue to live in my brand new mansion by the Lake in up state New York. I also have chauffeurs. I am a Big Man and I did not even have to go to College, or ever have to go to work to pay for a mortgage. I am smart). That is what idiots think!

    How do I know what idiots think? I was one! For 62 years from birth, I was a believing, whole souled devoted human zombie, that listened and acted on everything JW..org said. They told me it all came from God and because they said it with such conviction... I wrongly believed them.

    Sorry Yoko N that this is so long. Did not mean it to be. Japanese people are known to be good, honest hearted, humble people which equates to JW..org seeing them as sitting ducks for their propaganda purposes. (Give us your money and we will promise you anything).

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