Wimbledon Kingdom Hall

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  • jambon1

    Do you get the wombles with it?

  • freddo

    Underground, overground, Wombl-ing free

    JBorg has tak-en my King-dom hall from me.

    We make good use of the things that we find

    Even though Watchtower is robbing us blind.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Oh yes! The KH on Haydon's Rd is the one with the CO flat (previously anyway). The other KH may have been the one in which a tall and concentric Morley was the coordinator. Hitherto the recipient of a lawsuit by a Bro Otto if I recollect properly. I was told that Morley ran the cong like a business - rich in protocol and poor in love. I was also told that 30% or more moved away such was his cold and conceited paradigm. So strange tbat the GB wants JWs to harvest recruits then BoEs like those in Wimbledon just haemorrhage recruits. What a paradox!

  • Laika

    Nicholaus, you are right, Morley was the PO (May still be?) and the one who Otto sued, I was not in the hall long enough to make a judgement on how he ran things, though I know lesterkite was not a fan.

    The story when I was there was that a lot of people were moving out the Congregation due to JWs finding it difficult to afford housing in the area, which I find somewhat plausible (Wimbledon is expensive and JWs don't tend to have a lot of money of course) though perhaps it was a combination of things. Again, Lester might know more.

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