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    I was baptized at 14 and finally had enough at 50 years old. I tried my best but being in Jehovah Land you are never good enough. I'll be honest in rating myself: from a low score of 1-10.

    Donations: 2.....donated around $80 a year...our Kingdom Hall paid for too many remodels and always paid for C.O. & P.O. expenses...Hands always went up except mine when any money was to be spent for any project...never agreed with donating any more money since it was never a secret vote.

    Ministry School : 3...gave # 3 talks but never went beyond that...hated public speaking and being critiqued

    Field Service : 3...hated field service. hated ringing doorbells at 9:00 a.m. and handing out Awake and Watchtower magazines...never more than 8 hours per month...never had any pleasure in this activity

    Answering at book study and Watchtower meetings : 3...being introverted, never enjoyed speaking in front of people

    Attendance: 7...never missed any meeting, assembly...started to miss meetings the last 5 years as I became convinced this wasn't the ''truth''

    Listening to music,watching movies : 3...I went to any movie I wanted to see...I went to many Heavy Metal shows...these old fools in New York didn't understand this music and I would never expect them to....music is between the ears...never understood why Metal music gets a bad rap..you like violins,I like loud guitars

    Smoking, Drinking, Swearing : 10....never smoked, didn't drink any alcohol, or swore...I think I would of done the same as a non-Jehovah Witness...it's just who I am

    Dating : 1....I met a non-Jehovah's Witness while baptized...she tried studying but never believed this was for her..she became my wife and we're still married to this day...had meetings with elders who tried to talk me out of dating a '' worldly person''...had members who refused to attend my wedding...my Witness brother refused to stand up in bridal party...went to meetings all by myself, my wife and I had no problems with me being a Jehovah's Witness...only problem we ever has was deciding what religion they would be taught..we decided that our children would decide for themselves after they left home

  • hoser

    I’ve donated $0 dollars since 2007 which is the year the watchtower bible and tract society of Canada expropriated and sold our newly renovated Kingdom Hall.

    I quit the school in 2013

    I go to meetings when it is convenient to do so and doesn’t interfere with work or vacation.

    I go in field service when it is convenient to do so and doesn’t interfere with work or vacation.

    I have zero close friends in the congregation.I swear like a sailor, drink like a fish, smoked cigarettes and eaten the brownies

    I think I have a fairly low rating on the devotion scale

  • DesirousOfChange

    Overall JW score: 9 (cause there ain't no 10's)

    Damn near had to be sprinkled because I was so young at baptism; 3rd/4th Generation JW; gave 1st public talk at 16; Aux Pion in HS; married "in the Troof"; MS, then Elder; Assm & Conv Parts; Sub CO; Conv Chairman; believed it all Hook, Line, & Sinker..........until the 1st domino fell..........and you know what happens after that!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I think I may have donated $80 total for my entire life. My children, when we were still attending would get given money from ones in the congregation to put in the contribution box. We never have enough spare to share. We did share with circuit servants by way of buying them meals and groceries etc.

    I quit the ministry School after the birth of my second child and was glad to no longer have the anxiety related to giving talks. Encouraged my children to get off the school too. No time for rehearsal when you have homework.

    Hated field service. Always my entire life. Did a couple of school holidays auxillary pioneering but other than that would avoid it where I could. Loved going on others return visits and country witnessing where you drive from house to house. Nice morning out with the friends. In the last ten years I have only been a couple of times and never spoke to anyone. What a waste of time.

    Answering up. If no one put their hand up during the study I would feel bad for the conductor. It's a reading comprehension exercise for goodness sake. So I would help him out and answer.

    Attending the meeting. Growing up we never missed unless bed ridden. One didn't miss meetings. Even after surgery my mother took me out of hospital to attend the convention and I spent it on a bed in first aid! As a mother myself I was a bit softer and we would stay home if the kids were sick. We all stayed home if one was sick. I haven't been for over two years now.

    Music and movies. I have always liked rock and slightly heavy music but always made sure of lyrics and never bought demonic looking albums. Lol. Never never watch a demonic movie or anything with witches or ghosts or immorality. 50 Shades? No way. Lord of the rings? No way. Funny enough I did read Lord of the rings as a teenager and felt like such a rebel.

    50 Shades is still not my sort of movie but I loved the Lord of the Rings and all the X-Men movies. My teenager is a heavy metal fan so am getting to know a lot about bands from my time through him.

    Never tried a smoke. Been drunk twice in my life and I say crap a lot. Lol. I have friends in the truth who consider crap a swear word and are shocked when they hear me say it.

    Dating - well this one is interesting. I was a goody two shoes growing up and watched as all the other young jws would date at school and carry on for all to see. Then they leave school and become pioneers. Meanwhile I was asked out by "worldly" boys/men and say no because I can only date from my religion. One time I said yes. Wow! My pioneer friend told me off for wanting to date "dead flesh" and my parents made me ring him and cancel. I was 21. Incidentally my pioneer friend went on to marry "dead flesh". No regrets really though. I met my husband in my late 20s and we are two peas in a pod. We both come from the same upbringing and we think the same about pretty much everything.

    We are on the same page now with leaving the cult and letting our children be who they are and choose their own paths.

    Happy ending for me.

  • Chook

    I was either all in or all out. Once I knew it was bullshit I ran. So my jw experience was a 10 one year zero the next. I have no tattoos, but my first tattoo will read “ apostate “. I loath this cult.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone


    Born-in, never would have joined freely, never baptised, never donated, never truly believed, hated the society, hated meetings, hated ministry, hated studying, hated all of the lingo, did all of the things they don't want you to do, left in my teens, never looked back

    I joined this site to see what nonsense my family are dealing with so that I don't have to ask them and have them mistake it for interest

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    ma got religion when i was about 10. i was taken to a few meetings--and had a study with the pink paradise cartoon book.

    baptised at 14

    used to answer up a lot at meetings--went door knocking mostly on my own.

    left school at 15

    at an assembly, listened to DO Ron Drage banging on about pioneering for teenagers.

    vacation pio for 6 months at 16.

    met my born in girlfriend at an assembly when i was17. moved to her congregation.

    pioneered again aged 19-20. became a servant at that time--magazines and territory

    doing public talks home and away.

    married at 20--usual reason--to have intercourse.

    packed in pioneering at 21. having serious issues being a dub. stopped pretty well all activity. moved to another area at 23--and took the opportunity to quit.

    resigned at 23.

    occasional sunday attendance to keep the wife happy. hated it.

    divorced at 33. no futher connection to the cult. that was in 1981.

  • ducatijoe

    After being an Elder and School overseer for years , I walked out in 2009 and never looked back. I no longer feel they have the Truth or are guided by God. I am very happy with no doubts about leaving. 63 years old now living a new and great live in the the South of the USA.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I'm a 3 out of 10 witness. Can't be bothered most of the time. Am a convert. Baptized 26 years ago. MS for about 12 years. Very much pimo. Only just in for social reasons and keep family happy. Frustrating having to listen to boring bs week in and week out. Oh well...never mind 🙄

  • Phizzy

    I was born-in, baptized at 12, good at door knocking. but never did many hours, sometimes none in a month !

    Aux then Reg Pio in late teens, gave that up and got married at 20, still married to the same girl, she was near enough a born-in. Was a Min Serv, never Elder, didn't want to join that Club ! Gave P.T's home and away.

    I suppose I was thought of as being a 6 or 7 out of ten by the other JW's

    Woke up in 2007, left in early 2008 after giving them time to prove to me it was Da Truf, nobody tried to do that.

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