Special Talk

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  • moreconfusedthanever

    Wow! If I had gone and seen Terry O'Brien on the screen I would have had to leave. His outright lies and deception during the ARC can not be forgotten.

  • smiddy3

    "Who Really Is Jesus Christ" ? that is a special talk ? You have to be kidding me after 2000 years that subject has been thrashed to death .

    And they can`t come up with anything more original ? SHHEEESSSHHH

    They really do need to get a new script writer because this one is way past his use by date .

  • punkofnice

    I actually heard a bit of this drivel yesterday.

    How much blander can they get?

    I was surprised they brought Jesus out of the cupboard for an outing. I thought they'd buried him along with honesty and love.

    Mental twats!

  • stillin

    The talk was a snoozer, for sure. I thought it was only me that noticed how simple the WT questions were. All of the little kids got in on giving the answers with all of their cuteness. My guess is that this was designed so that any visiting people, who are probably imbeciles too, could feel like this was finally a religion that they could partake in.

  • ttdtt

    I love the line "there are some who claim to be chrisitan, that believe he (jesus) is god."

    The ass makes it sound like this is some fringe point of view, and not that 99% of christians are Trinitarians.

    Always disingenuous always spinning.

  • WingCommander

    Terry O'Brian gave the special talk in Australia + NZ????? You would have thought after his outright lying and performance at the ARC, that ol' Terry would have been banished to a remote Congregation in Bora-Bora, or possibly Siberia, not given the "Privilege" of giving a very public Special Talk?

    WT leadership truly are idiots!!!!

  • dozy

    Watched a bit of the Youtube link.

    Totally bored and tuned out the talk - but watched a bit of the blind guy with the guide dog reading the Watchtower and his pretty wife (?) on the front row. ( I'm assuming it is his wife but they never held hands etc during the meeting , but the Society instruction is not to hold hands at all , even during songs and prayers ).

    Just about sums up my whole meeting experience for 40 years - bored but passing time by scanning the Kingdom Hall for anything of interest.

  • nonjwspouse

    I noticed like 90% of the answers were by women. I wonder what the demographic was in that KH.

  • SAHS

    Brokeback Watchtower: A full fledged JW would never question the GB for how they spend the money as that would be a sign of some sort of apostacy. I think this very public announcement should indicate an inspection of finances is dully warrented?

    Although all the income and expenses are scrutinized in minute detail at the congregational level and at least itemized at the circuit level (special assembly days), there is absolutely no public divulgence or accountability of any of the funds at the district (regional conventions) or national level (branches).

    According to the tax returns of the Watch Tower corporation, they take in about a billion dollars annually, but of course no one of us who aren’t privy to the upper echelons of the organization will ever get an inkling of exactly where those funds are being appropriated to.

  • sparrowdown

    Terry Obrien was just lying for his bosses like they all were. Jackson lied his arse off too remember. In fact in every court appearance by a WT representative that representative has denied, obfuscated, deflected and when that failed outright lied through their teeth.

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