Is it just me ? 2 threads debating page after page with one individual ?

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  • flipper

    SMIDDY- Like yourself I generally don't get too involved in the back and forth on a lurker arguing points endlessly- that being said like Outlaw stated it can serve a purpose of showing how crazy the JW views really are.

    I look at this board as a television with hundreds of " channels " or threads posted- if I don't like a thread or am not interested in one thread I click the changer to another thread until I find something I'm interested in. Instead of " channel " surfing I go " thread " surfing. It works for me anyway. That's the great thing about Simon's board here- hundreds of topics to look at or experience. A little bit of everything for different tastes and interests. So don't sweat it- just find something you are interested in and pursue that type of thread. Just a suggestion. Works for me anyway

  • Giordano

    Some times it becomes that old childhood rivalry:

    "I'm hanging up now so you hang up first".

    "no you hang up first"

    "Ok on the count of three we'll both hang up at the same time."

    one, two, three! a long silence......... "Why didn't you hang up?"


    I will say that the bitch sessions are annoying like picking at a scab.

    Referencing a negative about a person's intelligence seems over the top. Some people are just starting to understand critical thinking apart from the JW propaganda.

    With others...English is not their first language. Being tolerant always helps.

    Bottom line for me is to say what I have to say in as nice a way as possible.

    In general I agree with others about this discussion. I may be answering a poster but my remarks are intended for the lurkers or those that are working through some serious issues.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Voltaire, Essay on Tolerance: "Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too."

  • steve2

    You make a good point smiddy. I have certainly learnt a lesson from the recent thread in which RO reacted like a dog with a bone and posters such as me attempted to respond to little avail. I slowly realised that he was simply repeating himself but from a different angle - so initially it appeared as though he were bringing up other matters.

    The other point that contributed is the topic - child sexual abuse . It is rare for anyone here to defend JW organization so when a poster starts yet another thread on the topic but seeming to ask for the basis of "numbers", it initially looked like a request for clarification - which is a very old strategy (e.g., "Help me understand what you have said..." whereas the poster has no intention of understanding you - he simply wants to ram home his own views based on "facts").

    what's that old saying? "Once bitten, twice shy."

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am rethinking my answer and you do make a good point a very good point steve2 about RO, I just got sucked in myself and I wasted a lot of brain cells for what. It is just the topic of child sexual abuse makes me crazy when someone tries to defend it.

    Smiddy you might be spot on.


  • slimboyfat

    Should people debate stupid stuff endlessly back and forward? I don't know. Clearly the only way to settle this is to start a debate on the issue.

  • steve2

    Should people debate stupid stuff endlessly back and forward? I don't know. Clearly the only way to settle this is to start a debate on the issue.

    Or do a pros and cons - surely not all differences need to be about "debating".

  • slimboyfat

    I don't know Steve, you draw up a list of pros and cons and then we can debate your list.

  • Onager

    I think they serve a purpose as Outlaw said, but the thing I don't want to see is threads topping the latest and hottest lists with titles like "Jehovah God Exists" or the like. It's sneaky proselytising and I worry that it could kick off cognitive dissonance in someone trying to escape.

    I don't have a solution mind you, unless Simon fancies policing every thread and changing the titles of Pro JW threads and I wouldn't wish that task on a broke dick dog.

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