Whatever happened to the Dirtclod.com issue?

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  • Elsewhere

    Has the WTS called off their legal dogs?

  • WTLies

    Is there a Zip file for all the BOE letters?

  • little witch
    little witch



  • Hamas

    I think the Watchtower got scared when Dirtclod shown evidence that disproved Watchtower legal threats.

    Now, the letters have spread.



  • Jourles

    After reading and rereading the Society's letter, it seemed to me that I simply may have misworded my website making it appear that the Society directly sent the BOE letters to ME and I simply provided an outlet for the Society to showcase them. Someone even emailed me about this and confirmed what I thought. I have since changed the wording on the site and reallowed access to the gallery again. A link to my fair use and copyright notice sort of explains my position of where I stand now on this matter.

    It basically is the same as www.internalmemos.com where individuals send in internal company memos or confidential emails or letters and this site posts them, most on a subscription basis. As long as they do not post any letters which contain proprietary information which leads to monetary loss for the company, it is legal to do so under the 1st amendment.

    Besides, if I get an additional letter from their legal department, that's just another to add to the annals of internet free speech suppression.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Guess that code answers that!

    Thanks Hamas, good job.

    Jourles, if you read this, let us know if anything new has happened, enquiring minds want to know! lol

  • mustang

    Then Dirtclod.com maybe should be Whistleblower.com????

    Hat's off to you, Jourles. Looks like "you got them" & I didn't think you would!!!!

    The WTS has succeeded in furthering education of many people, even though they don't intend to!!!!

    More power to you, fella!!!


  • mustang

    Double post!!!! Probably shouldn't just keep clickin'

  • Jourles

    Here are a few good links to check out on posting internal corporate letters:

    Many more links out there on this type of info leakage...

  • startingover


    Check your messages, I sent you one asking about something I saw on dirtclod.


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