Muslims and the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • jookbeard

    heard the same and with Judaism, because of the monotheistic deity, they almost jump up and down with their so called brethren, talk about the trinity,born again and other evangelical Christianity issues they run to the hills, laughable.

  • shepherdless

    Arabs throughout the Middle East seem to be taught in schools that Allah and the Christian god are one and the same. Ask any of them, and they will tell you that. Conversely, Arabic speaking Christians in the Middle East (eg Coptics in Egypt) call god “Allah”. Also, Jesus is described as the second most important prophet in Islam.

    B.t.w., I am just reporting what they think and are taught. I am not trying to get into a debate about the origins of Islam.

  • 2+2=5

    The God of Abraham. He’s a yucky bastard.

  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses do not preach to Muslims the followers of Islam in their own lands under Islamic rule on pain of death .

    So approximately half of the worlds population have never been witnessed to in the 100+ years of Jehovah`s Witnesses preaching the "Good news of The Kingdom"

    In other words Jehovah`s Witnesses have failed to complete / fulfill the prophecy that

    "This Good news Will Be Preached In All The Inhabited Earth " before the end comes .

    They have only half completed it in 100 + YEARS of witnessing.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    In Spain a large majority of the market traders are Muslims and we had the magazines in Arabic for them. We were taught to highlight the similarities of the 2 religions. In 5 years not one left Islam to join the JWs.

    One of the best bosses I ever had was Muslim and we had some great discussions in quiet periods. He was semi practicing. During Ramadan he sent me to get his breakfast and the Muslim bosses in the other shops got their British assistants (also JW) to get theirs. I never told my boss his mates (uncles and cousins) were breaking Ramadan and I don't think anyone apart from me and other JWs knew he was either. My boss even had one of my neighbour's puppies but here in UK Muslims dont have dogs and my daughter's Muslim friends couldn't visit her at home because we had a dog.

    My granddaughter married a Muslim. He too was anti dog because of his religion but he smoked weed which I don't think he was supposed to. I think Muslims only shun if you stop believing but you can break as many rules as you like.

    So many variations of rules and beliefs. You would think an all powerful all knowing God could get his various fan clubs to at least have the facts straight about His rules and displeasures. :p

  • waton

    I think jw men would adapt easier to muslim rule, as it is bound to come, the way immigration policy is handled.

    Jw ladies will fare worse, imagine a wt studies with only deep voices and no more chirping : " we all must--"

    Dropping the iconic " Jehovah" will not be hard. "New light": Jesus never used it in addressing his father, so why should we? Even in his desperate last prayer he reportedly said " Eli, Eli,--" which sounds very much as a regional dialect's version of Allah Allah.

    Dresscode will be a merciful gift to an aging population at khs. and add wisely another layer to feminin allure.

    The creators own choice? silence is telling. dig for it.

  • btlc

    I would guess the another similarity, intense preaching campaign, called "dawah". Basically, anything goes (lies, misinterpretations, fairytales, emo-blackmails, end-of-the-world-intimidating, etc.) in the goal of making more converts and to radicalize existing muslims. They training (like our 'MS') how to approach to others, how to aim people with problems who belive in something and offer them simpathy, friendship, help, and at last offer them 'the final solution' to their problems. Sounds familiar?

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman


    I knew several Witnesses from Islamic countries. They indeed do still preach in those lands. You need to brush up on Islam and the Middle East my friend. I cannot think of any Islamic countries where Christians do not exist, even in the minority, so it's pretty racist to throw that out there about Islam and Muslims. Maybe ISIS tried to do something like that but in almost all Muslim countries there are people who live there of other faiths. Don't be so ignorant.

  • shepherdless

    Mad Irishman,

    I can assure you that most Muslims in the Middle East have never heard of Jehovahs Witnesses. Yes there are many Christians in the Middle East. Most Middle Eastern countries even have legal churches; probably only Saudi Arabia is the exception. (I am told there are even a few in Iran.)

    In most Middle Eastern countries, proselytizing to Muslims is illegal. In many of those countries, Watchtower is banned, at least officially. Attempted proselytizing will not only get the individual in trouble, it would put anyone connected with the religion at risk.

    Some places in the Middle East it is unofficially allowed, but only for expats (typically Westerners, Indian and Filipino). If you attend, you will see ZERO Arabs (except for the occasional Christian born Lebanese). Dubai, for example has quite a few congregations, composed completely of expats. Any major city that has expats will typically have a congregation or two. They meet in rented premises and don't sing Kingdom Melodies during meetings.

    They don't door knock. The standard approach to witnessing is to go to a shopping centre or other shops and strike up conversations with Filipino shop assistants (on the basis that they must be Christian, and hence safe), and go from there. They NEVER EVER approach a Muslim.

    In short, Smiddy is correct.

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