Muslims and the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Tameria2001

    First I want to say that I don't know very much about the Muslims, and what I am going to say is not attacking anyone, but instead, it was something that was said to me by a Muslim man a few years back.

    Back in 2004 my husband and I found ourselves in a homeless situation. His job had ended because the plant that he was working at, had shut down, and was sent off to China. At the time our two sons were still very young, so we ended up staying at a couple of different homeless shelters until my husband could find another job, which took a total of three months before he found a new job, in a new state. At this point in time, we had been out of the JW organization for three years.

    The second place we stayed in was the Salvation Army Shelter, where my husband and I met a man who also came there. His situation was he was on his way back to the country he was going to be living at. There were some legal issues he was dealing with and had to stay in the States until a certain date, then he could leave. He was not born as a Muslim but had converted a few years prior. My husband is a very sociable person, it doesn't matter what your background is; if he like you, then you have a new friend. He was like that even when he was a JW, although being a JW was never important to him. His parents became JWs because they fell for the 1975 lie. I'm not even sure why he ever got baptized, maybe peer-pressure.

    As we got to know this man, he told us both his Muslim name and his "Christian" name. His Muslim name was just too hard for me to pronounce, so we asked if we could call him by his original name, which was fine with him. The original name that he had once gone by was Terry. We found we had common ground when he learned where we had come from before, and it was the same college town that he had attended the university for four years. His interest really popped up when he learned that we (my husband and I) were former Jehovah's Witnesses. He had actually studied with the JWs and came very close to converting to the JWs, but instead, he decided to become a Muslim. He said when he did that and informed his family, they had all disowned him. He said his family hates the Muslims with a passion and when he converted that was the last time he and they spoke, with a few not to kind of words thrown at him. Still even more common ground that we were standing on.

    The thing my husband picked up on was how badly he was being treated at this shelter, was beyond reprehensible. For any who don't already know, but one thing Muslims don't eat or touch is pork. At this shelter, those people would purposely put pork in everything, even dishes that don't call for it. Their food was horrible as it was anyways. So what we would do, were take him to other places so he could eat a meal without it being contaminated. If we had the money we would pay for his meals.

    This went on for about a month and a half, and it was about time for us to go our separate ways, he to his new home, and us to ours. It was so exciting to know I was getting ready to be back into my own home. :) On the next to last day, we were together at that shelter, I had to take him to a few places, mainly to get his bus ticket out of there, and a couple of other places. During the course of the day, we stopped at a place to eat, and that was where we had this conversation. My husband was working, and we needed to also kill some time before it was time to pick him up from his job.

    While eating we both got to talking and had quite a bit of discussion about religion, Christianity, Muslims, and the JWs. It all started with him quoting the scripture that talks about not eating with an unbeliever or something like that. I can't recall exactly what it says. But I remember telling him that I was in a point in my life that I don't hold a person's faith against them. To me what is important is people and that the problem with things is because of religion, and how it divides people, makes people hate each other simply because someone chooses a different faith than the other. This he fully understood, because of his own family experience. Finally, after talking for a while, we got on to the subject of the JWs, and how he came very close to becoming one. But one thing he was also doing was while studying with the witnesses he was also studying with the Muslims as well. I forgot what he told me, but he did tell me what was the deciding factor on him choosing the Muslims instead. Then he said something to me, and I don't think I will ever forget his words as long as I live, now mind you, these are not my words, but what he said.

    "When we (talking about the Muslims) take over the world, the Jehovah's Witnesses will be very easy to convert over, because there are only two things that separate us." Don't remember the first part, but the second part he said, "Their Jehovah, and our Allah is the same being." He said they have more in common than most people realize.

  • OrphanCrow
    Tameria: He said they have more in common than most people realize

    I have heard that before. Way back in the early 60s when I was pretty young. A couple showed up at our home that had been JW friends of my mom and dad. They spent an afternoon trying to convince my parents that Islam was a better religion than the JWs. They had converted because it was so much like the JW religion. But better.

    They left a copy of the Koran for my parents and it always sat on the bookshelf right beside all the WT books.

    I never did read that book and I suspect it got tossed when mom finally let go of the WT literature.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Allah is the pre islamic moon god, here is a clue

  • Simon
    When we (talking about the Muslims) take over the world

    His mask slipped?

    I wonder if Muslim's took over the world and the roles were reversed that providing non-religion-conforming meals would be the worst treatment that the people serving pork would receive?

  • sparrowdown

    "Jehovah and Allah are the same being"

    That's curious I watched a presentation by an ex muslim academic who basically said the same thing. Same character in different guises.

  • OneEyedJoe
    At this shelter, those people would purposely put pork in everything, even dishes that don't call for it.

    I'm extremely skeptical of this part of the story. Name one dish that isn't improved by the addition of bacon.

    Is it really not common knowledge that the god of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all the same god? Judaism was the original, christianity was based on some fan-fic of the original and then Islam did it all again, just like the mormons did more recently. Or was he saying that the JW conception of an asshole god that's going to kill the vast majority of humanity lines up especially well with the Muslim conception of Allah? Because that's a good point well made.

  • sparrowdown

    They profile as the same psychopath that part is obvious if someone cares to do a side by side comparison but many if not most people don't think about it let alone draw conclusions.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Jehovah and Allah are the same being

    Yes, this chimes with me.

    I remember reading a Watchtower or Awake article about some medieval Muslim scholar.

    The article claimed that some Arabic-speaking people refer to God as 'Yahweh Allah' ... it may be total bullshit but it shows how the WTS brown noses Islam.

    Allah is, of course, an Arabic word that predates Islam. It comes from al (the) + illah (god), so it means 'the god', 'God with a capital G'.

    Arab Muslims and Arab Christians both refer to God as Allah.

    And Jesus and Noah and lots of other well-known biblical characters are prophets in Islam.

    The Noachian flood is found in the Quran, too.

  • Tameria2001

    @OneEyedJoe I believe he was talking about the conception about where their god(s) would destroy the vast majority. At least that was the impression I got.

    The person who was responsible for cooking was a very spiteful person who tried on a few times to get my husband kicked out of the shelter, making up complete lies about things. One thing that bacon does not improve the flavor of was desserts, and he would add it to that as well, and it wasn't very tasty. I recall once they had served up was banana pudding, you know the dish that has the bananas, wafers, and pudding as the ingredients. It was also spiked with bits of bacon.

  • sparrowdown

    Bacon maple cupcakes? Yum!

    Just sayin.

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