Personality quirks that make you mad!

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  • frenchbabyface

    When I opened this post I though oh … that’s might be interesting and it was then I fall on

    Cruithne post : Ooops ! well do you know that when you took a look at those people it was saying exactly “all” what you was meaning on them ??? Maybe on day you’ll be face to face with killers! … (This is not an advice … just think about it … women also can be killers in a gang or not)

    Then I fall on freedom96 once : And I thought, why should you pissed of because of arrogant people “because of their supposed economic status” … You should laugh about it !!! NO ? … If not , something is wrong with you then … NO ?

    There is two kind of arrogant people :

    A) Those who are vain (vanity, futility) and in the way you wrote this post … the : “HA” you’ve put at the end of your sentence, said a lot …

    B) Those who are bold : “like Breaheart” as the best known example I can give you (cause I hope you’ve had the chance to watch this movie), he wasn’t rich at all ! He was just Strong, he Dared everything he was expecting from others, he was saying we can make it together or not, and if you can’t I’m gonna do it for you, because I can’t stand it anymore … I'd rather die instead of doing nothing while I can !

    See … this is the whole difference … A an B (they are not the same at all but both are arrogant)

    What Am I pissed of about : well it depend on what, when and who but MOROVER its about WHY …

  • ballistic

    I tend to feel sorry for people rather than get angry. Someone said "felt like punching someone". Well I've been punched several times in my life, mostly by women. And the last time that happened I just looked at her eyes with pity, just looked at the expression in her face. Pretty sad really. Yes I'm too young to be this cynical.

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