Personality quirks that make you mad!

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  • Nosferatu

    I'm not keeping this to JWs only, but I remember one that used to make me want to punch him just because of the way he acted.

    He'd come up to me, and he'd have one hand put halfway in his suit jacket, and he'd make a *click* sound with his tongue inbetween sentences. That really drove me up the wall!

    Anyone else know a person who would just drive you nuts because of the way he/she acted?

  • doodle-v

    Oh yeah! This chubby MS in our cong would always always breath through his mouth. I used to hate hearing him commment because he sounded like Elmer Fudd and you could here him breath loudly in the mic in between sentences.

  • happyout

    People who jingle the coins in their pocket.

    Don't know why, but it makes me totally nuts.


  • tinkerbell82

    uuuuuugh there was an elder in my old hall who had dentures and they used to click constantly through all of his talks, it would drive me c-r-a-z-y!!!! although in a way i was grateful for it, 'cause it was the only thing that kept me awake through the monotone snore-fest.

  • CruithneLaLuna

    Yesterday I had an appointment after work, and had to ride the bus. (I expect to be riding the bus daily in my quest to get to and from work so that I can maintain both a job and a home of sorts.) There was a group of teenagers who were waiting for the bus, acting reasonably normal, laid-back, even moderately friendly - or at least respectful of others. As soon as they got on the bus, however, they clustered together in the back, where they proceeded to indulge in EXTREMELY LOUD and largely offensive conversation. This went on for 10-15 minutes, until one of them started using what, if one has any sensitivity at all toward "foul language" could only be called "foulest of foul," at which point the bus driver intervened, only to be cussed out ... however, the kids did quiet down, for 5 minutes or so. Then they started up again, more or less in the same manner as before. I REALLLLY wanted to suggest that they go home and yell, perhaps at their parents, or maybe at the nearest police officer. However, the person sitting across from me kicked me in the shins to restrain me (I'm not kidding), where upon I realized that yes, people who manifest a complete lack of respect for others in their manner of speech could be dangerous, particularly as a gaggle, herd, clump, or (probably the most appropriate word) gang.

    In riding the bus, I have noticed that it is primarily - honestly, universally, in my experience so far - groups of young urban blacks who indulge in this kind of anti-social behavior. I have to wonder, do they do this because their parents failed to rear them properly, or because they have succumbed to peer pressure rendering them a**holes, or are they somehow trying to make a point, perhaps to persuade those of other races who THOUGHT they had managed to shed the last vestiges of their "residual racism" to resume the mantle of hate? I don't dislike them as people, and my feelings have absolutely nothing to do with their color, ancestry, or what might legitimately be called (in any potentially positive sense) culture. Specifically, I do not wish to have loud, deep and/or shrill, boisterous, obnoxious voices shouting curses continuously for long periods of time in my immediate vicinity, without having the reasonable alternate of exiting the situation (unless I want to wait an hour and take the later bus).

    One thing that I have to say for JW parents of all races, and maybe it is the dreaded rod that does it, but I can't recall ever having experienced JW youth behaving anywhere near as obnoxiously. Or maybe I just grew up with a saintly bunch?


  • CruithneLaLuna

    The faeries did take note of Cruithne's post, and LK! They did see that his naive impression needed correcting. Noting his statement that he had observed only urban black youths indulging in certain types of anti-social behavior, the faeries in their typically mischievous manner arranged an enlightening (though unpleasant) experience for Cruithne.

    As he has tended to do in the evenings before sunset, Cruithne retired to a certain public park to read and digest his dinner. At the park were a gaggle of white youths, three males and a female (evidently the sex toy of one of the males). As time progressed, they got louder and more obnoxious. Eventually, with the shattering of a quart beer bottle on the concrete, it became evident that their obnoxiousness was party driven by alcohol. Cruithne left, as did a famiy who had come to enjoy a picnic in the park. Cruithne entertained the idea of caing the police, but decided against it.

    Later, in the dark pof the wee hours after midnight, the faeries whispered to Cruithne, "Young white males and black are equally poisoned by testosterone" - the hormone which, as the brilliant philosopher Ken Wilber points out, drives humans to "f*ck it or kill it." And since young men these days are denied what might be deemed "healthy" sex & violence outlets, their testosterone poisoning expresses itself anti-socially. Other thoughts that came to mind included:

    Christianity killed the old myths, legends, and storied, gods and heroes. Then science killed the Christian God. Who and where are their role models?

    I imagined these kids as wearing giant rectums where their heads should have been, like cats displaying their "Vote for Bush" buttons, as the joke that was going around during the election put it; only these buttons said, "My parents voted for Dubya AND his daddy; are proud of the fact; and will turn out to vote for any other Bush who cares to run for President. Brother Jeb, where art thou?"


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    As far as PERSONALITY quirks go, I vote that two of the worst are the "Prima Donna Complex" or the "Superiority Complex"....and the "Sucky Attitude" as in, "I'm Kewl, You, on the other hand, SUCK!"

    Frannie B (of the "pullin' my pants on one leg at a time" class)

  • neverthere

    My hubby has one personality quirk that drives me MAD!!! He is ALWAYS late, I mean, if he hadn't known that I would REFUSE to marry him if he were late for the ceremony he would have even been late for our marriage (smart guy got there 2 hours EARLY!).

    When we were dating if he said he was picking me up at 7 I never started getting ready until 8 cause he wouldn't show up until 9!

    LOL, still the same, but I love him to peices!!!


    they proceeded to indulge in EXTREMELY LOUD and largely offensive conversation.

    There was a drunk/stoned guy on the skytrain one day as I was proceeding to a dance, kinda dressed to the nines...

    He started flirting first with a spanish gal....she was repulsed and trying to ignore him...yet, as women are trained to polite...? *what's with that???* ...Then he started on me...I hit the button to call security.....the guy was so out-of-it he didn't even notice my call for help. The skytrain people were in our car the very next stop...and we had this jerk removed from the skytrain!

    I really appreciated their prompt action!!!


  • freedom96

    Two stand out in my mind.

    One, is a person who complains about their life, but does not do one single thing to make it better for themself.

    Second, is people who think they have a lot of money, and want to act better than someone else.

    I have friends that do not make much money, and have some that are enormously wealthy. I have to smile to myself when I see a person act arrogent because of their supposed economic status, and I think to myself, these guys think they are all that, but it doesn't even come close to real wealth. Ha.

    Take your arragent attitude and stuff it.

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