To Jehovah's Witnesses, Jehovah and Satan Are EQUAL

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  • JT

    let's try it ONE MORE TIME:

    Human Misery For Dum*ies

  • JT

    I GIVE UP - i can't do a cut and paste

  • shotgun

    The more and more you think about the less sense it makes.....

    I agree with Hamas its hogwash.....Satan is everywhere the ready waiting to trip you up...Jehovah on the other hand waits to see if your prayers are sincere before he helps.(Thankyou loving creator)

    Time and unforseen occurrance or Satan are to blame for every bad thing and Jehovah gets the credit for all the good things, often insignificant trivial things in the scheme of life.

    If I accept he is responsible for all the good then he must share some responsibility for the bad. Where was Jehovah when one of his servants shot his 12 yr old son this week. Was his angels too busy helping ones in the false ministry work to lend a helping hand.

  • heathen

    From what I remember reading ,it wasn't just one spirit that rebelled ,it was alot of spirits . What man is left to deal with is an entire army of evil spirits ,I think revelations says at this point it is one third of all the angels were cast to earth . minimus -- I always thought the WT taught that 1914 was the date that jesus became king and ousted satan?

  • shotgun

    I think they teach that Christ was enthroned in 1914 and at that time a battle started in heaven which lasted until 1918 when Satan was finally banished to the earth...yeah I know it makes no sense.

  • minimus

    Check out the thread ON MARCH 26 1918 SATAN WAS HURLED TO THE EARTH.......very intersting thread, if I should say so, myself.

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    You have to look out for Satan because Yahweh is on vacation on his ranch in Crawford, TX.

  • minimus

    Are you talking about Yahweh Ben Yahweh or Yahweh Bush Yahweh?

  • obiwan

    Well, think about it for a minute. If the jw's didn't have Satan to pin things on, owuld thier org work? Would they have followers?

    In order to have any organization, there has to be a yin and yang. So the wt figures, let make more out of Satan than he is, that goes for the writers as well.

    I remember reading about the 17th century, anything that was not understood or explained, had to be the work of the devil. So, it only makes sense that down through time Satan was made more than he really is....a fallen angel.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    What I was always curious about, since I was a little teeny tiny wee girl <yeah, back in the day> was why Satan was so omnipotent when SUPPOSEDLY we were protected by Jehovah. Why *would* you worry about anything you do, since you were supposedly protected by this almighty god? I never understood that. As far as I understood, the minute you became a baptized Witness, Satan held no sway, yet there were always Witnesses afraid to go to the Goodwill since Satan might be lurking among the haphazardly displayed items on the shelf?

    I've always been a horse fan. Still am. I had a horse when I was a little girl. I had no saddle for him. I qualify this: he was a pony. I bought him from my babysitting money. I found a perfectly good pony saddle at the Goodwill when I was there with my Mother, but I couldn't get it because it "looked" demonized. How does something "look" demonized? How did they qualify what was demonized and what was not?

    I ended up buying a pony saddle from the neighors. My pony hated it. The minute I would put it on him, he'd try to buck it off. That was more demonizing than I was ready for. I just rode him bareback til I got too big to ride him. sigh.


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