Egyptian Plans To Sue Jews Over Exodus Gold

by NeonMadman 12 Replies latest social current

  • heathen

    I have to go with the clown accusation on this one , sounds like someone just wants their 15 minutes of fame by sounding like an idiot and getting in the news . The nation of Israel won't even pay back the money the US loaned them in the 20 th century , and they expect to get all the wealth of Egypt back ? That stuff would be priceless anyway . To top it off this was a judicial decision from God almighty that cannot be over turned . ROTFLMAO

  • cruzanheart

    I want to sue somebody! I want to sue somebody! [*jumping up and down*] Wait a minute -- I don't have a reason. Oh well, not to worry, I'll just make something up. Ummmmmm, I have sinus problems. Can I sue the State of Texas because of the proliferation of ragweed and mountain cedar in their state? After all, I'm a resident and I have a right to a pollen-free environment. My quality of life is being affected! [*throws self on floor and kicks and screams*]

    Okay, I'm done.


  • VM44

    bttt....because the story is so bizarre!

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