my grammy had a nervous breakdown

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  • jwbot

    My fathers mother, my grammy...had a nervous breakdown recently.

    She is a witness, although been inactive. Well aparently, from what my witness mom says, she went to a funeral in a catholic church and the guilt was too much for her. And also "hanging around your aunt Terry" - the disfellowshipped one.

    So guys, now disfellowshipped people and catholic churches cause nervous breakdowns.

    She couldn't even see that its this unbareable GUILT that the publishing company force on the people that caused the nervous breakdown. She would have been feeling fine about respecting her friend who died, and being around her own daughter who is DF'd if the religion didn't make people feel so bad.

    And you know what I just realized? My father completely cut off his sister, Terry, I didn't even think of that, I should have thought about that when I was thinking about why it is so easy for him to not talk to me, his own daughter, and wondering why...

  • Swan

    I was told by my brother that my mother was ill and that it was my fault for DAing. I didn't buy into his guilt trip. My mom has always had a classic case of hypochondriasis; she can make herself sick all by herself.


  • Brummie

    I feel real sad for your grandma, you are right about the source of that unbareable guilt!

    Have you made contact with Terry? Sounds like she might need a family friend.


  • acsot

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It's horrendous what that cult can make people go through, the guilt and self-recrimination - totally the opposite of what God (if he/she/it exists) teaches in the Bible (if you can believe in it at all).

    If only she could know that so many horrid apostates wonderful people on this board are thinking about her and feeling her pain.

    Hugs to you and your granny.

  • jwbot


    I havn't made contact, they are so far away, not that that is an excuse. I do not even know her last name or number because I think she remarried.

    I still need to keep in touch with my mothers side of the family, all wonderful people, none who are JW's.

  • obiwan

    I'm sorry jwbot. This kind of thing is the very reason why I'm glad my mother is not alive.

  • tinkerbell82

    (((jwbot))) girl, that's awful, i'm so sorry to hear that. i hope your grammy is recovering well. i'm thinking good thoughts for you all. :)

  • JT

    there is an excellent book call EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL

    if you get the chance read it, it is paperback can read it in 4 days

    it talks about most humans live in the FOG



    G- GUILT

    THE three when combined can beat the He!! out of a person and wt has all three down to a science

    in terms of making it's members feel all three at the same time ALL THE TIME

  • shotgun

    Sorry to hear that you live close enough to visit her? She may need family now and it sounds like you may be the only one who is objective and not judgemental.

    My mom abandoned my sister when she needed her the most..why? Because the WTBTS said so.

    I have come to realize she plans on doing the same to me as she has already told me I don't want to lose you too.

    Taks care bot

  • CruithneLaLuna

    Look at it this way: If she has enough spunk, she will recover, and perhaps one day she will have the courage to face her inner knowing that it's her religion - the "pure language of Divine teaching" NOT - that has been the primary psychologically destructive force behind these experiences.


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