Witnesses Win door to door right in Blainville

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  • JH
  • xjw_b12

    I'll bet the JW's in Blainville are more disappointed than anyone else !

    Time to work on a "DO NOT CALL" Registry.

  • blondie

    This is my feeling. With all the talk recently on this DB as to the the scarcity of JWs seen from door to door, I can't believe that most people are being called on that often, once a year at the most (unless they live in one of those JW saturated areas where no JW wants to move where the need is greater). The Mormons call on me that often and the Catholic church down the road when they have a raffle. I have lived out of the territory for over 2 years (no one knows a fading JW lives here) and except for some old mags in the door, we have not seen hide or hair. We checked with the neighbors and same story. Just get a big dog and post a "beware of dog" sign. That will keep all but the most dense JWs away.

    Blondie (dog deterred)

  • xjw_b12

    However, Crépeau also refused the Witnesses' request that Mayor Pierre Gingras be required to pay moral damages to the 14.

    Those low lifes. Always looking for ways to line their pockets. Does anybody believe for a moment, that if the Town of Blainville was required to pay "Moral Damages", that any of the 14 jws would actually see any of that money?

    And Glen How is now 84 ! Time to get him a Pope-Mobile !

  • rocketman
    Just get a big dog and post a "beware of dog" sign. That will keep all but the most dense JWs away.

    Or, one could forego the dog and just post the sign.

  • foreword

    LOL rocketman,

    Just another victory for theocratic warfare. This should make top news in the mags soon.

  • Thirdson

    I wrote to Harvey Shepherd adding my comment on the case. I explained the unadvertised provision by Jehovah's Witnesses to not call on people who request to be put on the local congregation's do-not-calll list. Those who request not to be called on will be left alone. There is no need to enact ill-conceived ordinances to restrict the canvassing activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. Any or all of the citizens of Blainville can make a simple verbal request to not be called on and Jehovah's Witnesses will respect that wish.


  • blondie

    Well, Thirdson, I would like to think that most JWs are intelligent enough to respect that DNC note in the territory. My experience with this:

    "Oh, I wasn't supposed to call on 813. Oh that one," as I point to the house with the large numbers 813 on it.

    "I decided to call anyway. Have to find the sheep, you know."

    "I gave that street to sister so and so and I forgot to tell her," after you specifically told them thinking it was covered.

    "Oh is that what that little slip meant; I couldn't read it."

    One territory servant even put; "Caution: householder has guns." and some dimwit still called.

    Blondie (the R&F are sheep after all)

  • wannaexit

    I beleive there is still an arrangement to call on the "do not calls". The service overseer and other elders will call occasionally on these people.

  • Scully


    Thank you for bringing the provision of the Do-Not-Call requests to Mr.Shepherd's attention once again.

    Blondie has it about spot on regarding how DNCs are treated by R&F JWs going door-to-door. However, strongly worded notarized, registered letters to BOTH the local congregation and the Branch Office, with heavy use of legalese (words like "trespassing", "harassment", and so on) will get their attention. Why? Because such a letter (even moreso than a verbal request which can be "forgotten") carries weight in a court of law. It is evidence. Homeowners have the right to privacy and they have the right to the security of their property and if they feel that JW visits constitute an invasion of their privacy and a threat to the security of their family (especially with respect to the door-to-door paedophile issue), then a letter of this nature serves as the groundwork for a lawsuit if the request is ignored.

    Who do you suppose will be held liable for damages? Do you really think the WTS will support any individual JW who ignores such a letter? Do you think they will provide free legal services like they did for the 14 JWs in Blainville (who were actually assigned and sent to go door-to-door in Blainville by the WTS's Canadian Branch)? Individual JWs who call on these people will have to pay damages out of their own pockets. They may think that the WTS will help them out if they screw up, but they will learn a most painful lesson about the loving Organization™ they represent.

    Love, Scully

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