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  • frenchbabyface

    Sixofnine ... thanks !!! All Promises ... hope and die (terrible)

    Andrej : hope you've read all of this very carrefully !!! You know lots of people get in real med trouble because of that and most of the time it's too late when they realised it !
    and What's a medication with no name ?
    how comes that from 1930 this kind of med is not already known in the whole world as treatment to hill from cancer


    Take care ... and please keep us INFORMED

  • andrej

    Hello All,

    Sixofnine and French, I have no idea what to believe, as far as a traditional Dr. How about them telling you the following, we'll cut your leg off and then maybe you'll be okay (15% survival rate, thats if he makes it through the surgery) I was there when this was said. Second opinion, yea, we got one from MD Anderson (supposed to be the top cancer center in America according to some) and we received the same answer as the previous doctor. I agree this alternative stuff seems far fetched, but what a story that they all have come up with. The only thing I know is these alternative treatments have helped and the Dr has given him new hope. All of the research I have done (from major cancer institutes) have talked about the power of the mind and alternatives. At least their talking about, and not giving a big f*** U, about it. Of course this doesn't mean it works. As far as conspiracy goes, I can debate either point made by the drug companies. The point is I really don't care.

    Now, my question is to all, does anyone have any experience on alternative medicine, If it worked, what did you do, if it didn't how come?


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I have never had a biopsy, or been diagnosed with cancer, so what I experienced cannot prove anything.

    I treated a rapidly growing, hard, dark mole, unlike any other mole I had, with a concentrate I made out of red clover blossoms. On the 4th day I could not see where to put my potion. There was no change in other moles that I used it on at the same time.

    After developing a lump where we are not supposed to have them, I went on an all raw vegan diet along the lines of Gerson's diet. I did not do any of the cleansing programs etc. The only cheating on the diet was occasional sea foods. It took a long time, but eventually the lump grew rapidly for a week and then disappeared.

    If I had a serious growth I would use a far more aggressive approach, more along the lines of Dr Richard Schulze's Incurables Program.

    ....and I would try that before seeking any other treatment.

  • patio34

    Hi AndreJ,

    I'm so sorry about your dad. He must be in his 50s, did you say? My answer to your question is "no," about alternative meds. Although I did have cancer almost five years ago.

    You said the doctors don't give much hope for survival. At least your dad isn't foregoing some kind of high survival rate. I had a 70% chance of survival, so wouldn't have even considered any unproven (alternative) cures.

    It seems to me you're doing the best you can for your dad: supporting him and trying to be well-informed. Remember, it's his decision and if he's decided not go undergo drastic surgery for such a low chance, then that's his right (and I tend to concur).

    Given that he's received such bad odds from two reputable MDs, it makes sense to me to at least try something else. I wouldn't hold out much hope. The doctors were telling him and you the truth and they're the best experts in the world. It's best to prepare yourself to deal with the consequences if the doctors are right. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And remember, everyone who's ever lived has died--we all do. It's not an unrealistic nor morbid thing to deny this. Wrap your mind around the possibility, so you can give the best support you can to your dad. It will help avoid panic or despair if worse should come to worst.

    All the best,


  • andrej

    Thanks black sheep and Pat,

    Black sheep, thanks I will research this Gerson place

  • frenchbabyface

    oh Andrej ...

    I have no idea what to believe, as far as a traditional Dr. How about them telling you the following, we'll cut your leg off and then maybe you'll be okay (15% survival rate, thats if he makes it through the surgery)

    That was the information we needed to understand what it was about ... In my opinion now ... just let your father take any decision He wants about that ... every kind of hope now can help to stay longer (psychology) ... Now the most important think is to know how He will be able the handle the physicals suffering and hope that he will find good DR and even nurses who are not frankly against JWs cause they can be mean just because of that ! ... Because of this make sure when he will be in hospital that he will always be surrounded by lots of people (able to say Hey ! TAKE CARE OF MR ... PLEASE !!!)

    Patio said a lot already ... about what you have to know ... and take profit of every minutes you can spend with your daddy ...


    Take care, have faith in love, and again be strong


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I consider the medical profession to be much like the Borg, self proclaimed experts that portray themselves as the only hope, using fear to get you to submit to their protocols.

    What would I be looking for in an alternative protocol?

    All raw vegan diet. Despite what anyone tells you this diet is deficient unless you live in paradise. We don't. Cancer needs nutrition too.

    Artificially induced fever. Any increase in body temperature speeds up the immune system.

    Cleansing protocols. Gets rid of toxins, especially toxins from cancer breakdown.

    Herbs that help liver and kidney function and the immune system.

    Anything that helps circulation. Herbs, exercise etc.

    Positive outlook. Prayer is good.

    What protocols would I avoid?

    Anything that included vitamin supplements. Cancer needs nutrition too.

    Anything that included drugs or processed foods.

    Anything that damaged any organ or any part of my body.

    Lastly, NEVER, NEVER , NEVER ..........

    ................give up.

    There is a video here on Schulze, but it has been trimmed down quite a bit and is not as good or informative as it used to be. I did accidentally just happen to end up with a copy of the original on my hard drive. 26megs worth.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    A friend of mine just drove past. He found a lump in his heel about ten years ago. His doctor told him it was just a stone bruise. After 18 months and many visits his doctor decided to have it checked out. The 'stone bruise' had traveled up his leg into his thigh.

    After many unsuccessful operations, chemo, etc. to remove it they told him they were going to have to remove his leg.

    He got friendly with the local naturopaths and herbalists, changed his diet, changed his farm and garden to organic and eight years later is in good health and still has his leg.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I'd rather be alive with one leg than dead

    and that from a person who suffers from almost constant pain in my feet

    It has taken me a while to look in here. I have my surgery and biopsy next Friday. I'm not sure what I will do if they find cancer.

    A few years ago a JW friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a masectomy and started chemo. The chemo was shrinking the tumor in her liver. The doctors were very surprised but thrilled. Some person told her that chemo was poisons and that is why she was so sick after a treatment. Because she was deaf and poorly educated and scared she listened to this person and stopped the chemo. And went off to try some alternative therapy.

    It didn't work. She got worse and worse. Very sick and the cancer spread rapidly. At one point she was out of her "medicine" and I went to pick it up. I was furious. This was the first time I had seen her bottle of medicine - 95% alcohol with a few herbs mixed in. I spoke with her husband who agreed she should stop this and go back to the hospital. The hospital refused to take her as long as she was able to refuse treatment. But by then it was too late anyway. She died in her home with her sister and I holding her hands shortly after this.

    As a result I am very leery of alternative practicitioners. Some maybe can help. But my friend found a class A charlatan and handed her life over to him.

    What was is really sad about this is that the chemo was working and she could have survived the cancer.

  • ignorance is strength
    ignorance is strength

    Don't bother with "natural chemo". Chemotherapy is only effective after surgury to remove the cancerous cells. The malignant cancer cells MUST be removed especially if it is a bone cancer. Chemo basically kills the person in hopes of killing cancerous cells that may have been left or spread after surgury. If the chemo is done without surgury and there are a large number of cancerous cells, a large amount of chemo drugs would be needed and this would kill the person taking them.

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