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  • oldcrowwoman

    This may be bizzare to some of you and maybe not from for others!!!

    You see I bought this super duper vacum cleaner this past week-end. What I want to do is ritual or honoring with my old Hoover vacuum cleaner. Thats been in my life since 1972. So its 31 yrs old. Says alot about Hoovers.

    My ex and I used it for contract cleaning business. So in the divorce I was given this Hoover and he kept the super duper cleaner.

    Well I'm all for doing celebrations around many anniversaries in my life. I want to do some kind of thing around this piece of equiptment. Cause its the last piece reminding me of the marriage. Ironically I left him September 1st. So It will be 21 yrs ago.

    So I've been brain stroming. What I do know is that its going to sit in the back yard as a memorial. Maybe I need to dream on it?? Any ideas??

    I was told by my a friend that I as crazy. Its a matter of opinion!!! Besides when you are in your late 50's life gives you permission to be outlandish!!!!Visit Smiley Central! lol


  • cruzanheart

    Your old Hoover is almost antique, you know! You could make it the centerpiece of a flower bed (maybe with a group of ceramic gnomes grouped around it like they're cleaning), or find a way to put a platform on top with a bird feeder or birdbath on it. Or you could make it into an interesting floor lamp. Paint it with psychedelic colors and patterns.

    Or you could bury it with the cleaning heads upright and start a vacuum garden, like the eccentric guy in Texas with Cadillac Ranch.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I was thinking along the lines of Nina

    If it is an upright and it has a cloth bag can you make holes in the bag and put dirt inside - then grow herbs in the holes

    If it is a canister and it can be opend then fill with dirt and plants

    I love Nina's idea of the gnomes cleaning it - sounds like a good retirement plan for a well worn appliance

  • arrowstar

    What wonderful ideas! I love the planter idea ...and the gnomes cleaning....how perfect.

    A bird feeder is great too.


  • obiwan

    You could put it up on an alter in the back yard, and sacrifice a full vacuum cleaner bag of dust and grime to it. Just raise it up in the air, at the same time chanting, and then lay the bag before it, and cut it open, and spread the bags contents all over the alter.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    OCW, the planter in the garden ideas are good.....one thing, though....the vac bag is liable to rot out in the weather like that.....why not cover the whole thing with a not very thick coating of some kind of liquid that hardens and poke holes in the bag before the coating dries, then shellac it or something to "weatherize" it before you begin planting things in it......that way, it will not only retain its shape, but be serviceable as a planter for much longer....and you could coat it in a color that would be harmonious with your garden....

    Frannie B

  • Ravyn

    ok so what would be the nirvana for old vacuums? I see it in a flower bed with a 'carpet' of flowers...

    with bird feeders on it...real bright and pretty..the kind of flowers to attract butterflys and other things of an airy nature since it is a vacuum...hummingbirds too

    or you could do a 4 point element thingy--like a sundial and use the vacuum as the Air point.

    use climbing vine type flowers to go up it too....but definitely do a thick 'carpet' of flowers and have it right in the middle...it will rest happy.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    with bird feeders on it...real bright and pretty..the kind of flowers to attract butterflys and other things of an airy nature since it is a vacuum...hummingbirds too

    Great ideas, Ravyn!

    Frannie B

  • LeslieV

    I think I would bury it and put a cross to mark the spot. On the cross print "Here lays my faithful Hoover the last reminder of the grime I left behind"


  • oldcrowwoman

    Visit Smiley Central! I appreicate you all's creative ideas and the sense of humor. Humor is a great antidote for what ails ya!!


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