If the end did come

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  • freedom96

    When you were a witness, and the end actually came, how do you think you would have reacted?

    With all the blood and carnage, do you think you really would have been so happy? The day we awaited was actually here?

    Would you be dumbfounded? Suprised? Over joyed, scared?

    And here is another question: Did you actually believe the end would come as described by the witnesses?

  • obiwan

    I'd be screwed!

  • teenyuck

    Since I was 13 in 1975 and quite impressionable, I was sure *it* was coming....then nothing.

    I was kinda disappointed. I was sure that buildings would topple, that people's faces would melt, that birds would pluck out worldlies eyes and eat them and that through it all, because I was baptised, I would survive.

    I have no idea what the game plan was....since we has a basement and frequent tornado drills, I would guess that the plan was to go to the basement and wait for *it* to end.

    Then climb out to Paradise....we would immediately start to turn perfect and the caged animals would be free and the wild animals would be tame. We would eat berries and smile all the time. The sun would alway shine and everything would be better.

    Once that did not happen, I began to realize that *it* was not going to happen, they were a bunch of loons and I was better off just having fun.

    Cut to today.....Life is MUCH BETTER.

  • Hamas

    I totally agree with Teeny.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk
    When you were a witness, and the end actually came, how do you think you would have reacted?

    probaly would of ran to the Kingdom Hall, why did we all think that ???, it's the end, gotta get to the Kingdom Hall, like it's some save haven.

  • Yerusalyim


    It's working...everytime I read your one or two line posts...I hear Krusty's voice...and it's hilarious (Krusty is amongst my fav Simpson extras)

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk
    everytime I read your one or two line posts...I hear Krusty's voice...and it's hilarious

    me too

  • caspian

    Well, let's try to envision what it would be like to wake up one
    morning living under the rulership of Jesus Christ: You wake up at
    dawn, not because your alarm went off or because your back
    aches, but because you are fully rested and refreshed. You throw
    those covers off and spring out of bed eager to get up because you
    have a lot of things to do and can't wait to get started.

    You go into the bathroom to wash up and you look into the mirror
    and you notice that those wrinkles around your eyes are just about
    gone. Now your hair isn't grey any more, and that thin spot in the
    back is starting to fill in. As you wash your face you notice that the
    muscles in your arm feel hard and toned, and your stomach no
    longer has that spare tire around it. You look up on the shelf and
    there's your old pair of glasses, collecting dust, you haven't had to
    wear those for quite a while now.

    Well you get dressed and walk out into the front porch and as you
    open the door, your lungs are filled with the freshest and clearest
    air imaginable, you can smell the incense of cedars and pine trees.
    It's just invigorating! and as you look off into the eastern sky, your
    eyes behold brilliant colors of fiery red, and yellow as another
    spectacular sunrise takes place.

    Your house is up on a slight knoll, and as you look down the hill,
    the morning sun breaks over the trees, and as it shines on the grass
    wet from the morning dew, the tiny dew-drops just sparkle like
    little diamonds.

    The valley floor is covered by a patch-work of different varieties
    of wild flowers, all with their varied colors of blues, reds, pinks,
    whites, and yellows. All glistening in the early morning sun.

    There are animals of all kinds grazing in the meadow below you.
    But wait, that looks like a leopard--stalking a deer---the deer puts
    his head down, it looks like he's going to charge, no wait, the deer
    and the leopard are just rubbing heads in affection. The leopard
    rubs his lean, muscular body up against the deer, and in true cat-like
    fashion, walks off indifferently. Yes, all the animals live
    together in peace with each other and with mankind.

    After your morning breakfast, you start your work, if you want to
    call it that, you enjoy it so much it's more like a pleasurable
    hobby. You've always been mechanically inclined, and you get to
    design and build things of a mechanical nature, and you are totally
    absorbed in your work.

    You might change after a hundred years or so, there are so many
    things that you've always wanted to do. You always wanted to
    learn how to play a musical instrument, or two. Since you've
    never been really what you'd call musically inclined, it might take
    you a couple of hundred years or so to get the knack of it. Oh well,

    Then too, you always had an interest in horticulture, and you've
    wanted to try your hand at cross-breeding roses to see what kind of
    new varieties you could create. That could take a while, since it
    takes decades to isolate different features from different varieties
    and then cross-pollinate them so that you get a truly unique
    variety. Oh well, NO HURRY!

    But then you've always liked animals too and there are some
    interesting species that you would like to do some field research
    on. And you always wanted to try your hand at painting and wood
    carving. So many things to do and SO MUCH TIME to do it!

    One of these centuries, though your going to make it a point to
    take a little time off and do some traveling. There are so many
    different parts of the earth that you always wanted to see! It will
    really be enjoyable travelling to these lands now because under
    Christ's rulership all national borders have been done away with,
    so there are no national wars or tribal conflicts to worry about.
    Nobody views one race or nationality as being superior to another,
    and since mankind has returned to speaking just one language, it
    will be easy to get around. You won't have to worry about being
    robbed or taken advantage of, since all wickedness earth wide has
    been totally eliminated!

    Where will you find a place to stay and food to eat? Not to worry!
    Since food is abundant and everyone has their own house and
    property, people are more than willing to share, and give you a
    room to stay in, giving you ample opportunity to meet new people
    and make new friends. And while you're travelling around you're
    going to want to look up some of your relatives. Since the
    resurrection has started you still haven't had a chance to meet your
    great, great, great grandfather on your mother's side of the family!

    And speaking of the resurrection, you're really looking forward to
    the next convention, Noah, King David, and Abraham are going to
    be there and you've really been looking forward to talking to them.
    All of these activities will take a long long time. But since old
    age, sickness, and death have been done away with, you have
    literally "FOREVER" to do it.

    Well, your day has passed by quickly, it's evening now and you've
    just finished supper, and you're taking a stroll through a field in
    back of your house, there's a small creek that's flowing close by
    that goes into a pond that you built. The sound of the water
    bubbling and gushing over the rocks is soothing to your ears. The
    crickets are chirping and the frogs are croaking. Everything is
    calm, peaceful, and secure.

    There's a warm, gentle breeze blowing and it carries the smell of
    lilacs across your nose. It changes direction a little and you can
    catch that sweet smell of freshly cut hay coming from your
    neighbors. As you watch the sun go down in a dazzling display of
    colors that was matched only by the sunrise that morning, you say
    a prayer of thanks to Jehovah God for all these blessings and for
    giving you such a marvelous future.

    It's late now and you get yourself ready for bed. You're tired, but
    content, feeling satisfied with your accomplishments of the day.
    As you pull the covers up over you, you briefly think about some
    things that you want to do tomorrow, then you drift off to sleep.

    Well what do you think? Would you enjoy living under the
    rulership of Jesus Christ? These conditions just described will
    become realities in God's Kingdom. This can be YOUR future. It
    is being held out to you. For Jehovah God has promised--yes
    promised--to bring about these very conditions.

    So now that we know what the future holds, the next question is--are we
    willing to adjust our lives NOW, so that God will see fit to
    allow us to live there and experience and enjoy it? Yes "allow"--
    for God has requirements for those who would want to live under
    his Son's rulership.

    If we want to have God's approval, we have to exercise faith in
    Him and show by the way we live our lives that we are striving to
    both learn what His will is and to apply it in our life. Can others
    easily tell that you are a zealous advocate of that Kingdom? Are
    you actively advocating that World Government to others? We
    cannot expect Jehovah to grant us everlasting life under such
    marvelous conditions if we have not dedicated our lives to HIM
    NOW. Yes, you must be part of Jehovah's Organization, doing
    God's will, in order to receive his blessings of everlasting life. So
    keep the picture of God's promised New World bright in your
    mind and heart. Everyday think about the grand future that
    Jehovah God holds out to you--living forever in paradise
    conditions right here on earth!


    Sorry I reverted to Elder mode for a second.. (Shiver)


  • teenyuck
    You wake up at dawn, not because your alarm went off

    So there WILL be electricity in Paradise!!

    You go into the bathroom to wash up and you look into the mirror

    And running water...and mirrors....and someone to work at the power plant that supplies the power to make the water run through your pipes and someone to manufacture the mirror....

    Well you get dressed

    Clothing (Smacks forehead...) is OPTIONAL!!! Were Perfect in Paradise. We don't need clothing and we love being naked. Besides who will work the sweat shops to make the clothing?!

    Your house is up on a slight knoll

    Those big ass cranes were a bitch to get up the knoll, but with the angels help (really your dead annointed great grandmother up in heaven) they pushed all that timber up the hill and all those pieces of wood just put themselves together into the shape of a lovely house....(with plumbing of course...and electricity)

    You always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument, or two

    Ahh, yes. Molten metal....you do know how to melt it, pour it and shape it into your musical insturment of choice....being perfect and all. Just don't get any hot lead on your *privates*...could hurt!

    This is the kind of crap that drives me crazy....does anyone think this stuff is real? Yes! My mother!

  • rocketman

    I never was sure of the answer to freedom's question until 9/11. When that happened, I concluded that seeing a day that would dwarf the carnage 9/11 would be horrifying. I can't even begin to imagine it. 9/11 was awful enough....imagining something thousands of times worse is very difficult.

    Of course, thinking back, there were Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Something still thousands of times worse is incomprehensible to me.

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