I know you are lying

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  • waton
    What does the Watchtower now say God's name means?

    tbn, either just wt, or "I can turn myself into anything I want", like the super janus, 4 faced creatures on the chariot.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Welcome, Elderstuckin!

    I hope you can get yourself "unstuck" before you waste even more valuable time. For Dog's Sake, at least get off of the pioneer list. What a total waste of time! If you already do have a full time job/career with some retirement benefits, make that a goal.

    Good luck!


    The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!

  • DesirousOfChange

    WOW! That statement (above) got a Thumbs Down?

    Elderstuckin, I guess someone here thinks you should continue on the Watchtower hamster wheel.

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  • ElderStuckin

    In 2013 beliefs were clarified regarding the meaning of the name Jehovah (w15 12/15 10-11; nwt 1735).

    How could it be possible that Jehovah didn’t know what his name meant until 2013?

    The answer was in the 2017 February study edition of the WT when they admitted the Governing Body can err in doctrinal matters (page 26, paragraph 12).

    In other words, they are just imperfect men, making this stuff up as they go along.

    It was also eye opening, that the Faithful and Discreet Slave did not know who they were either until 2013. So how can they be trusted with telling us anything?

    Thank you for the supportive comments. I’ve been reading this forum for 10 years but never had the courage to join or post. I guess I thought lightening would strike.

    One more major eye opening moment was the Australian Royal Commission. Seeing Geoffrey Jackson deceive and lie, made it obvious that Jehovah was not blessing his efforts. That was a pitiful display of the best the organization could produce. If there was any time for the true and living God to show his backing, that would have been it. But, Mr. Jackson was all alone trying to weasel his way out of every difficult question.

  • Me.Wonderful

    The new understanding of the faithful slave to me was them just saying " Yeah, we are a cult, what are you going to do about it ? ". I really thought there would be more blow back over it.

    Sadly , the pandemic has really shown me that world is full of gullible narcissists. The religion is the equivalent of a conspiracy theory ( yeah, every copy of the new testament is wrong ). The organization isn't going anywhere.

  • waton

    New Scientist Magazine:

    Dogs will ignore you if they know you are lying, unlike young children

    Read more:

    but Jesus said to get into the kingdom aka wt land, you have to become like young children, gullible. that explains it.

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