confused with nowhere to turn

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  • smiddy3

    Whatever you do do not get sucked back into a relationship with this guy if ever he trys to smooth talk you into it .

    One way to test his genuiness about cutting ties with JW`s if ever it came to that is this .

    Get him to join this site and /or ,because JW`s consider these sites worse than associating with the Devil Satan and labelling them as apostate sites .Sites that are critical of JW`s teachings and practices .Have absolutely nothing to do with them whatsoever,they say.

    Contrast their attitude with Jehovah God and Christ Jesus who both tolerated and associated with Satan the Devil for thousands of years after all he is accused of doing according to the Bible.

    If he resisted joining an apostate site such as this or then he is still very much in the clutches of the JW mindset an American man made religion that sprang up in the late 1800`s like so many others.

    Take care Becky

  • Rebecca

    Thank you all again. I value everything I have read thus far.

    I agree about not allowing myself to get "sucked back in" or getting "smoothed talked into it". I feel so much stronger now that I have the knowledge to back me up.

    Thanks again, you've all helped me more than you know.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Referring back to the troll is a fact we have had a number of very similar cases like this over the last few months. So..if its not one or more persons trolling the site for whatever reason....then it indicates the watchtower cult has a problem of its own making:

    Some brothers are looking outside the cult for what they are denied within. Then they go running back to " mother "....And leaving behind broken hearts.

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