Christmas is Coming!

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    It's a time when people make time to be available for visiting and making merry. I love Christmas, my kids, my family, my neighbors all love Christmas.

    And like James Mixon wrote " Unlike most of you here I wasn't raised as a JW so I remember the joy of Xmas."..

  • dubstepped

    This is the first for my wife and I too. I say just do what you want. I didn't leave one cult to join another, so we'll do what we personally like. I don't like CHRISTmas because it smacks of the Bible, so no manger scenes or stars for us. No Santa Claus for us because it's every bit as unreal as CHRISTmas. But we love the lights, the trees with meaningful ornaments, the family, food, and a festive atmosphere. For us it will be a celebration of winter, snow, just appreciating the beauty around us. This year it will just be two of us figuring out what we want to make it and what we're comfortable with . You've done what others want for too long. Do you.

  • Tapioca

    You get things started in a thoughtful way, and oh-my-gosh...your kids are going to love it! They will totally take it away for you. Congratulations on the big step! Wonderful!

  • LongHairGal


    Go for it! Get a smallish tree and have fun decorating it. You will love seeing your children's joy and enthusiasm.

    I was not a born-in and had my Christmas and holidays. To a child it's magical. When I left the Witnesses I got in touch with my estranged non-JW relatives and I have celebrated holidays ever since.

    The goal of the Witness religion is to separate a JW from their non-JW relatives and friends. I'm glad I defeated them in their attempt at this, among other things.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Because I enjoyed Christmas when I was a child (not born-in) I remember the joy of receiving gifts. So with my JW children, twice a year I would purchase gifts for my four kids. No specific time of the year, I would wrap each gift. The look on their faces as they unwrapped their personal gifts I will never forget. It's a damn shame that religion take away the joy of gift giving to your love ones. They(JW) will tell you we give gifts to our love one through-out the year, I say BS..

  • blondie

    Check out your cultural Christmas background.



    Invite others


    Local holiday events

  • Heaven

    I like this Christmas Yule tree topper....

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