I saw The Last Jedi yesterday ... spoilers!

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  • MeanMrMustard
    ...had more meat on it's bones and original twists...

    Does Luke drinking milk from the ball sack tits of some alien sea cow add to the “meat” of the movie?

    Don’t confuse a “plot hole” with a “twist”.

    Don’t get me wrong, neat blue dog. If you liked it, I’m glad for you. At least Han shot first in the new Solo movie.

  • Crazyguy

    Disney sucks!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just to add, the only Star Wars film I haven't seen is Solo.

    Out of all the Disney releases, the only one I like is Rogue One. It's not without its faults but the main reason why I liked it was because it didn't have much of the Force in it. Less Force = less schmalz, less sentimental crap.

    At least Han shot first in the new Solo movie - XD and in the original movie, too!

    There are some good points in TLJ that I Iiked. In addition to the special effects, I thought the scene where Emo Ren killed Snoke was pretty good. I quite liked the scenes where Ren and Rey 'Force-talked', too. And the scene where Luke 'Force-projected' himself to stall Ren was pretty good. I thought Ade Edmondson did well as Peavey. He's a comedian but he obviously played the supporting role straight, and did well IMO. But for a movie that lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes, that's scant pickings.

    I paid £13 for the DVD ... I'm a fucking idiot.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    Don’t confuse a “plot hole” with a “twist”.

    Wikipedia defines a plot hole as "illogical or impossible events, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline", so I'd advise you not to confuse plot holes with a story direction you personally don't prefer.

    Does Luke drinking milk from the ball sack tits of some alien sea cow add to the “meat” of the movie?

    No of course not. That was humor, and tastes will vary. Personally I found Yoda's behavior in Empire Strikes Back far more cringe worthy, even when it was explained away as 'testing' Luke.

    As for twists, I had in mind things like Kylo betraying Snoke even while he was reading his mind which was clever, the mind bridging being a ploy of Snoke all along, the fact that even though Kylo liked Rey he wasn't going to turn good, he just wanted more power for himself, the way Luke went out at the end being far more meaningful than a stereotypical lightsaber fight, and things like that. I also liked how Snoke told Kylo to 'take that ridiculous thing off' (his helmet) and called him a child in a mask. I took that as a well deserved dig at Abrahm's The Force Awakens, who was trying to make Kylo a bad ass Vader knock off. Episode VII deserved to be subverted and Episode VIII did it, and well IMO.

  • jws

    Having been a fan of Star Wars most of my life. When I saw the first film at age 10, I was hooked. I saw Last Jedi and I think I'm done.

    I was OK with Force Awakens, not triggered like so many that the hero was a woman. So what? I didn't like the fact that basically they had yet another death star. Yeah, that was terrifying back when. But we're used to it. By Rogue 1, there had been 8 movies. Episodes 4, 6, 7, and Rogue One all featured a Death Star (or Death Planet). That's 4 out of 8. Get a new idea! And if you want to count it, even Episode 3 had a glimpse of one being built.

    The Last Jedi just sucked. When the credits rolled, my honest reaction was "is that it? Aren't they making an Episode 9?". Many snowflakes on the right were triggered by the SJW aspects. And I have to admit, those were interfering with the storytelling. But that aside, it was just a horrible movie and I'm never going to support a Rian Johnson movie again.

    Many problems. First of all, no 3-story arc. It's like the old rumor about Dusk to Dawn. The rumor is Quentin Tarantino started writing this story about bank robbers who kidnap a family and flee to Mexico and then fell asleep. And Robert Rodriguez found it and took a right turn and made it all about vampires. JJ Abrams set up all of these plot points. Who is Snoke? He's obviously the Emperor-like character in this incarnation. What is Rey's lineage? Luke's lightsaber calls out to her, so she must have a connection to him. Luke left this clue to where he is so that if the universe ever really needed him, he could be found - premise being he'd come and help. And the whole Kylo Ren thing. The new Vader. And Captain Phasma as the new badass Stormtrooper. And Rian Johnson had no 3-story arc to work with. Or ignored it and wrote his own story. It was like the way Dusk to Dawn took a right turn. It's like he purposely pissed all over what was given him as a setup.

    Rey isn't special? Then why did LUKE's lightsaber call to her? The big bad Emperor-like character gets killed easily mid-way through the movie. OK, what's the big threat for the next one? Captain Phasma, the badass stormtrooper, a quick fight and she's presumably killed. These other bumbling idiots? Not compelling. And now it seems more like Rey and Kylo Ren are more like pen-pals heading for a possible romance than sworn enemies. And Luke? Drinking blue teet milk and bitter? This is the powerful Jedi Master we've been waiting 35 years for to see what happens to him next. He's bitter and hiding because he tried to kill Kylo. This is the guy who wouldn't give up on Vader - one of the baddest people in the universe. Because he felt the good in him. And in the end, redeemed even Vader. Yet he gets a whiff of the dark side in Kylo and decides he's going to kill his own nephew? That's very unlike Luke.

    And then, we've been waiting 35 years to see this Jedi Master back in action. He appears - magically at the end. Wow! This is a true Jedi Master. He can project himself through space. Wow! Then the barrage of fire at him when he walks out onto the plane. Nobody can survive that! And he walks out. I'm just going "WOW! Now we're seeing the true power of a Jedi Master!!!". Then he fights Kylo Ren. Only it turns out to be basically a hologram. WTF? And then he disappears.

    So that's what we've waited 35 years for? Luke to create a holographic image that takes all of his power and disappear????

    Add that to the killing of Han Solo in the Force Awakens.

    So, yes. I see the SJW part as well as Disney wanting to recreate Star Wars and shed themselves of the past. Watch out Chewie, you're next!

    And the one single person that needed to die was Leia. She died in real life. It's going to be really hard to replace her. And then she gets thrown out into space. OK. That's how she dies. Well, not glorious, but it had to be done. But no. Now she does this unconscious magical thing to draw herself back to the ship. WTF???? OK, well somebody has to die to hyperjump to the attacking ship. After Carrie Fischer died, maybe they could CGI the scene to make it her. She goes out a martyr and a hero. Nope. Laura Dern. NOW, they have to find some very inglorious way to have Leia die in Episode 9. Some report that her ship was destroyed like Henry in MASH - C3PO playing the part of Radar and giving the report? A report she died in her sleep? Or is she going to be alive just never seen again?

    So what's left for episode 9? That F'ing idiot Rian Johnson didn't leave much to build on or make us want another movie. Luke? Gone. Leia, we all know she's dead. Is the First Order in shambles? Their leader is dead. Kylo and Rey seem more like buddies now. Episode 9 is a Rose and Finn rom-com?

    I did not see Solo. At this point, Disney can only ruin Star Wars and I don't need to see them ruin Han Solo. Even the casting I hated and to me it's more of Disney killing what Lucas did. How about Anthony Ingruber as Solo. I think he would have been up for it. Look at the extras on Age of Adeline where he does Solo impressions. He's already played a young Harrison Ford. But instead Disney picks somebody with no resemblance to Harrison Ford that IMO is a chance for them to rewrite SW history. And Chewbacca. Why recast him? Peter Mayhew is alive and well. It's just a suit. Anybody the same physical shape can be in it. So why not the original Chewbacca? Nope. Disney wants to kill off links to the original and make SW their own.

    And yes, the SJW aspects. I don't care about the races. I know some were triggered by some of the casting choices, but they really didn't bother me. How they wrote the story did. Yes, all of the men were ineffectual. Poe was just a hothead. (Maybe a little like Solo, but not as savvy). Finn got noticeably dumber. Luke put on a great show, but nothing of substance. Plus the whole "free the animals" thing. And the everybody's special thing with stable hands using the force. That's the reason I dislike X-men. Everybody's a superhero. It's not just special people. Some fanboy writer invents a superpower and bam! You have another character than can do X. Now everybody can use the force. When everybody can, it's not special anymore.

    IMO, the best thing that could happen now is Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson get let go from Disney. And Rey wakes up in that mirror cave and goes to see Luke and tells him she had the strangest dream. And the rest of the horrible Episode 8 is cancelled and redone with Luke coming back and a glorious Jedi Master. And making Rey into his successor.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ^^^ dayum, you've almost written War and Peace but I agree with a lot of your points ^^^

    Watch out Chewie, you're next! - XD

  • Jehalapeno

    The SJW aspects for me had nothing to do with race. That wasn’t an issue.

    Star Wars was always a pretty diverse place.

    It had more to do with the perceived tokenism and forced aspect of it. It didn’t feel organic to the story.

    I think that says more about the current political climate than it does Disney.

    In my opinion, the SJW stuff stands out only because our current society is looking for it and because lefty blogs want to make a character Pansexual or point out how “OMG STAR WARS HAS STRONG WIMMEN!” (When it always did have strong women) Then cue the inevitable reactions of the rightie blogs reacting to the leftie blogs.

    The over the top social analysis of everything pop culture stirs up the controversy. It really is a post-modernist attitude and the consequential push back against the post modernism by classical liberalism.

    Objectively, Solo was a decent sci-fi flick. If I didn’t know the character of Han Solo from IV and V, I would have felt good about the film. But as a film about the early days of a character we already knew so well, it failed. Not because of SJW agenda, but because it was a poor portrayal of a beloved character of cinema.

  • Vidiot
    LoveUni - "The First Order are the evil space Nazis."

    This, but I think there's even more to it.

    Their batshit crazy hostility towards the New Republic/Resistance is the kind of thing you see from cult loyalists towards the people who took down their cult.

    They loved the Empire.

    They don't want to just defeat the New Republic/Resistance and take over... they wanted payback.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    In the Solo movie, what were the chances that Qi'ra would just happen to run into Solo on that ship after being separated for 3 years?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Here's quite a funny rant on the movie ... contains very strong language.


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