I saw The Last Jedi yesterday ... spoilers!

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yeah I saw Ep 8 TLJ yesterday.

    First off, the special effects - a combination of CGI and practical - are fantastic, although with a budget of $200 million I expect them to be.

    There are many issues I have with this movie and here's one: Leia flying through space, I mean, WTF?!

    Yes, we know Leia is Luke's brother and so has some Force-sensitivity - she talked telepathically to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back.

    Apart from that, she's never really used any abilities she may have or been taught the ways of the Force ... and now she's flying through space! XD

  • Simon

    Yeah, my son said people at the cinema burst out laughing at that part.

    There are some good bits in the new movies but on the whole they seem a bit of a letdown - I can't decide if that's because expectations are too unrealistic or they really are poor.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Well, the two new movies (The Diversity Awakens and The Last Snowflake) are definitely a mixed bag for me.

    The effects are great in both.

    But on the negative side, the new movies can be viewed as sequels or even as vague reboots. TFA is derivative of A New Hope.

    There are bits and pieces of TLJ that are derivative of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi - including lines of dialogue that were so similar to dialogue from the latter that it's almost copying.

    Then there's the not-so-subtle SJW undertones.

    The First Order are the evil space Nazis. There's also a nod to the capitalist Patriarchy - (white) men occupy senior positions of power.

    The Resistance are the freedom fighters, the good guys. They are almost a matriarchy - Leia has overall command. Second in command is also a woman, Vice-Admiral Holdo (a pink haired Laura Dern, looking like an SJW lesbian). Finn's the black guy but he's not a token as he was in the first film. The token ethnic seems to be Rose, the Chinese girl.

    Poe is a hot-headed male - he's brave and he always thinks with his bollocks. Leia busts his ass down to Captain because his reckless plan, although successful, resulted in lost ships. When Holdo assumes the leadership, she pulls rank and puts Poe firmly in his place. Poe eventually commits mutiny against her and puts his own plan into action. Leia recovers and uses a stun gun to disable Poe. When Poe comes to, he's pissed off because Leia has put Holdo's plan into action - hiding out in an abandoned rebel base, rather than Poe's idea of going full John Rambo and blowing shit up. Leia, ever the wise Matriarch, gently explains to Poe that Holdo was "more interested in protecting the light than seeming like a hero."

    Meanwhile, Rey was with Luke, seemingly for Jedi training. Except that he doesn't actually train her. He asks her to meditate on the Force, then the rocky ground cracks and pebbles levitate due to Rey's power. Luke then walks away because he's scared of Rey's raw power. So, no actual lessons occurred but, hey, Mary Sue Rey can already do everything anyway - great !!

  • blownaway

    I gave up on Star Wars years ago.

  • _Morpheus
    TFA is derivative of A New HopE

    Derivative? You are far too kind. Its an exact copy, from the villian being vaders grandson to the mcguffin of a planet sized weapon. Whats worse, not only is it an attempt to copy an original and inspired movie, it does it clumsily and in such a sloppy way one is driven to madness trying to find any redeming quality.

    My honest assesment, as someone who grew up loving the original and empire, is that the entire franchise has reeked since the ewoks defeated the empire. There were a few bright moments scattered in the prequals (the light saber fight with maul, anikin and obiwans duel on mustafar) but one has to physically search for highlights amongst the floating dung soup to find them. Its not worth the effort.

  • nowwhat?

    Spoiler alert! spoiler alert! Just saw star trek the motion picture on vhs....

  • truth_b_known

    There are only 3 Star Wars films -

    • Rogue One
    • A New Hope
    • The Empire Strikes Back (up until Vader reveals his paternity)

    Everything else is garbage.

  • _Morpheus

    Also, *spoiler alert*!!!! , rumor has it that after the tremendous push back over the solo movie, Disney has put on hold all the stand alone movies.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @_Morpheus: TLJ was the root cause of Soylo’s poor performance. After TLJ, everyone had enough. Then as Soylo release approached, you get these news articles saying that Lando is a pansexual.

    The moral of the story: SJWs RUIN EVERYTHING.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Disney debunked that rumor about stand alones being put on hold the other day.

    Force Awakens, while fun, was a big disappointment for me: to derivative and leaning on '80s nostalgia like everything else is today. TLJ, while having g some fluff that could've been discarded, had more meat on it's bones and original twist, definitely closer to what a Lucas production would've been. Loved Rogue One, thought it was amazing. Solo wasn't a masterpiece or essential, but it was a very good, solid film. And BTW, Return of the Jedi is my favorite of the originals 😁

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