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  • izobcenec

    This is the letter i sent to Vanessa Ho


    I have just finished reading your article about Jehovah's Witnesses, entitled
    "Changing tactics speed growth of Jehovah's Witnesses".

    I must say, your article is very one-sided and doesnt represent the current
    situation at all. "Changing tacticts" are not something new in Witnesses work,
    they have been using telephone preaching, letters and informal witnessing
    (in the market, bus station, gas station) for years or better, decades.

    I also suspect, that you havent researched any statistics about their growth.
    As you can check on this webpage, there
    has not been any increase in the US for the last five years, contrary, the number
    of new converts (baptized) has dropped from 45.000 in 1997 to 30.000 in 2002.
    Thats not growth, just pure decrease by 1/3. The numbers are also dropping in almost all western countries and all increase comes from the third world countries, some eastern Europe countries and Africa. You can check that here:

    When mentioning their beliefs, you haven't at all mentioned their main belief -
    that the end of this world is coming very soon and that only JW's will be saved -
    I mean, that is the main reason, they are calling their work life-saving, because
    all that don't listen to their message, will lost their lives in armageddon, as they
    call the final battle.

    I can understand, you have some symphaty for the "workers" of the Watchtower,
    but you should remain objective in your writing about anyone. I hope, this letter
    will not be understood negatively.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Great letter IZOB!

  • Mulan

    This is my email to her: Hello Vanessa, I must say I was very surprised to read your article on Jehovah's witnesses in today's PI. I wonder where you get your information on them being a fast growing religion?? The statistics show they are not growing. Many are quitting each year, at the rate of 32% by statistics quoted in Christianity Today Their small growth (very small compared to many other churches) makes me wonder why you used the expression "one of the fastest growing religions". Their methods are actually quite antiquated and if you were to talk to the majority of JW's, you would realize that very few are actually converted by the door to door work they are known for. I thought your article was very well written but not accurate. Jesus Christ did not do the work JW's are known for. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus did that kind of evangelizing. There are many other things I could mention that they put into practice, that are not mentioned in the Bible, but will not go into detail. I thought you might appreciate knowing true information on their growth. They are showing literally 0% growth worldwide. Please do NOT use my name, if you print this. Intitials are fine.

  • Yerusalyim

    This poor gal has no idea. I hope other sites like this one have posted well as some other independent former (and current) JW's.

    The Dubs will love this and site it as an example of how they are known for their character by all....sheesh.

    Reminds me of when my wife...early on in our marriage...try to assure our neighbor that our son would be a good influence on her son... She said..."He's a Jehovah's Witness"...she might as well have said he was a Venutian...most people have NO IDEA who the JW's are or what they teach. They're somewhat known for knocking on doors...and that's about it...some know them for not celebrating Christmas or saluting...but most people have NO IDEA. And then her even saying that after some of the Witnesses she's seen in her life...theft...rape...molestation...yep...good role model.

  • Pepper

    Yeah yeah, they should be reminded of the Tacoma scandle of the Dubs wanting to charge extra for parking places, and the City got real pissed at the WTBTS for chargeing double. Pepper

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