Six Screens announcing passing of “MINIMUS”

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  • Listener

    Discussion starts at 2.07.50 but unfortunately it goes downhill very fast when Shirley starts talking. Simon may want to remove the link.

    Minimus was 65.

  • Gorb

    Too early!


  • Simon

    Six Screen? Sensationalizing? Surely not? LOL

    Shirley sounds like a nut, and admits to being a repeat troll? Yeah, I'll delete your ass anytime I find you, ya dumb-ass. Sounds like you're still obsessed with me and my site Shirley. Living rent-free in your head :)

    If you break the posting rules, you get the boot. I don't care how long you have posted. The rules apply to all.

    But what an utterly classless cow to take an opportunity of someone's death to try to score points because you're bitter because you couldn't follow some simple rules.

  • pistolpete

    I actually heard about six screens only a couple of times in reddit and it wasn't good. They always referred to Six Screens as some nut.

    Now I concur. And that woman is really messed up in the head, using someone's passing as an opportunity to vent.

    Only CRAZIES do that!

  • slimboyfat

    On the show Rick talked as if Johnny the Bethelite had turned out to be legitimate and Rick was vindicated on that one. Well I missed that! All I can recall from the incident (it was many years ago now) is increasingly bizarre audio messages about tunnels under bethel and Satan worship or something like that. I thought Rick had agreed it was bogus in the end, but apparently not.

    Six Screens has managed to conduct a large number of interesting interviews over the years, including with Simon, Greg Stafford, Penton, and others. He also does have a knack for breaking news. I remember his wife died a few years ago and she had been a support to him, so I wondered if he would continue. I hadn’t heard about him for a long while, his method, and Christian orientation perhaps seeming a bit outdated to a new generation of those exiting JWs, but Rick’s apparently still doing that which he does!

  • pistolpete

    Six Screens posted on Reddit and he actually had something good to say about this site (JWN)

    MINIMUS, in the mid ninety's helped me to leave the Watchtower Organization. I purchased my first computer from him, and he immediately introduced me to JWN (JEHOVAH'S WITNESS DISCUSSION FORUM) I learned a great deal of information from that site, scandals, cover-ups, history of the Watchtower Organization. It was comforting and encouraging just like on this site, exjw, to be able to communicate with others who are distancing themselves from the Watchtower.

    I will be contacting MINIMUS' family members to get more information, and next week on my newscast we have a tribute to the "One And Only MINIMUS".

    Rest in peace, MINIMUS; I will miss you, your friend Rick Fearon

  • Simon

    Yeah, I think the focus should be on Minimus and his family right now.

    Nice to hear he's going to give a dedicated segment about him.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Pfft. It was going really well there, and Rick had some nice words about Minimus.

    Soooo, min was your henchman, eh Simon? .... Good lord

  • Diogenesister

    Ah, Rick's a good sort, you know? He's got a good heart.

    Listen I loved Minimus and we didn't agree on politics all the time either, but he had a great sense of humour. Rick knew Minimus personally and they obviously were very fond of each other.

    That's the horrible thing with witnesses we can't be open about our friendships. It's horrible. I'm so sorry Min we'll miss you!

    And rock on Rick "TELE NETWORK"🤣AND Simon you're the OGs as the kids say!

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