A Poll Regarding Shunning

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  • sparrowdown

    No, if they could shun an innocent loved one because some organization told them to then there are some underlying issues going on there. If they're capable of unjustly shunning me over a religion then how much do they really love or care about me. They would need to show they have grown a backbone before I accepted them back.

  • dubstepped

    I voted "MAYBE" and do appreciate some of what jp brought out above, particularly that I've never really been the shunner here so I don't have to accept anyone back, as I never sent them off anywhere.

    For me it would come down to their attitude. First, I don't believe that if "new light" came out that allowed them to speak to me they necessarily would. They have feelings that go along with the shunning. It isn't like these people just shun because they have to. Many take a person leaving very personally as if it is about them.

    I get that many want a relationship with their family. I would welcome that, IF IT WAS HEALTHY. There is the big cause of the "maybe". I think a lot of these people are super unhealthy and toxic human beings. They would still be Jehovah's Witnesses and they'd still give their allegiance to a cult. Healthy people don't tend to do that. So the chances that somehow the Borg says that new light has now abolished shunning and our family members suddenly become healthy is infinitesimal.

    Jehovah's Witnesses do many horrible things, including but not limited to shunning. They are toxic aside from that one doctrine. I guess maybe I should have said NO, but I like to give people a chance and who knows, maybe some of them know TTATT and are stuck themselves, but again that's a small chance.

  • scratchme1010

    I voted no because being JWs is only one of my many messed up things in my family. Has nothing to do with the WT.

    My stance with whatever the WT says and does is very simple: it doesn't matter. Has no relevance in my life.

  • pale.emperor

    Since starting this poll i realized something, i said NO because my family are adults. I dont class my infant neices and nephew as shunning me because they dont know any better.

    If my children were shunning me and then stopped i'd accept them back.

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