1950 Watchtower Bound Volume now Complete!

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  • Listener
    Cheers and well said Moggy.
    I've been reading some of the old mags. They are so easy to flick through and very clear.

  • smiddy

    My apologies to Atlantis and Nathan Natas , and others , if my comment seemed to make light of the work and effort that has gone into their project , that was not my intention .

    It was an off the cuff flippant statement I made without thinking it through , and on reflection can see the true value of such research.

    It is a valuable tool in counter -acting the re-writing of history that is so common with the WTB&TS..

    Thanks for setting me straight .


  • no-zombie

    Is it the goal of you guys to scan all the post 1950's Watchtower magazines?

  • TheOldHippie
    What is the use in doing this when it is readily available on the CD - or DVD, as it is now? Some years ago they could be ordered at the counter, the Bethel reprints. So this work is already done, by the WT itself. And by the way, I have both the originals as single magazines, the bound reprints and the DVD, so what's the fuzz?
  • freddo

    @The Old Hippie

    Because "they" can and do change embarrassing stuff on a CD rom, jworgasm and they can deny "they" wrote it.

  • no-zombie
    I think that the reason for doing such a huge project would be to prevent the Organisation rewriting history by editing the digital copies. Also most people dont have all the physical issues and with time getting a whole set will be getting more difficult as they degrade with time.
  • baldeagle
    Thanks for all the hard work.
  • avoidjw

    Thanks to the hard work of jaydee and atlantis, the full Watchtower volumes (study and public editions) are now available for the public.


  • Pistoff

    This is an invaluable resource.

    The reason to have scans of the old WT's is to PROVE they said what they said; so many witnesses now say that the WT never promoted 1975; well, yeah, they did, and the old scans prove it.

    Also here is my take:

    The governing body, aka, the faithful slave, can change their position, doctrine, belief, but that doesn't make beliefs go away overnight.

    Case in point: blood. There are dozens of treatments available, made from human blood (oh, sorry, fractions) that used to be forbidden, but witnesses will avoid them until the HLC tells them they are OK.

    Because beliefts die slowly, even when you can change them overnight.

    So this historical memory that Atlantis and Jaydee have given us in critically important.

  • TheOldHippie


    After all the hard work - could you please show me, then, what changes you have found in the 1950 volume you have made when compared to the 1950 bound reprints and when compared to the DVD 1950 version.

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