I Saw 2 JWs Doing Nothing With Their Cart Today

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Maybe it was youth and enthusiasm on our side back in the '60s. We tore up the streets in town and the roads in the rurals with our full days in service. And we were thin and healthy.

    I can't see the benefits -- physical or spiritual -- to sitting all day and not honing your craft. Sure, the beliefs have always been crazy, but, back then, there was some measure of dignity and seriousness to the message. We were kids, but THE TRUTH was our everything.

    What a difference five decades makes.

  • Crazyguy

    I saw two huddled under an umbrella during a rain storm last week. No one was out walking around and no one was even out in the storm except these two idiots! Sad that they can be so brain washed in to thinking they are doing anything for a God

  • JWdaughter

    After the two I saw sitting by the sternwheeler in New Orleans with nothing but a WT propped up in their laps as they chatted and drank their coffee, I don't even pretend to myself that they want the spread the truth. They are just counting time. They know it doesn't matter, so they don't care. If they really believed they were doing a life saving work, none of that crap would begin to satisfy them.

  • Finkelstein

    " We really like sitting with are WTS carts because we don't have to walk into strangers homes and we can even go to a coffee shop nearby, its really an easier way to put in hours "


  • Fisherman

    They don't have to do anything, The cart is doing it until someone comes up to say something.

  • freddo


    "They don't have to do anything, The cart is doing it ..."

    It certainly does!

  • Fairlane

    I wonder if the carts will survive the big A .... they will be useful for transporting rotting corpses, i wonder if the 'sisters' will help, and perhaps stop for coffee between corpse dumpings. Will they give a thought to the dead pregnant mums and babies who were oh so wicked that they had to be exterminated in the same way by the hand of their loving god in the great flood of noah !!

  • sir82

    They don't have to do anything, The cart is doing it until someone comes up to say something.

    That's the thing - no one ever comes up to say something - other than other JWs who stop by to chat.

    So why not just set up vending machines, or one of those "free - take one" newspaper boxes?

    Oh, that's right - no one "gets their hours in" that way. Never mind, answered my own question.

  • Phizzy

    I wonder if it will dawn on these cart watchers that they hardly ever get any interest, and hardly ever shift any literature.

    In the old days on the "knock-knocks" those of us who knew what we were doing shifted loads of Magazines, the odd book, and had discussions with people. Even the dumber JW's who couldn't manage that felt they were part of a productive work.

    It must now be obvious, the pointless nature of the cart "witnessing".

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