I Saw 2 JWs Doing Nothing With Their Cart Today

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  • minimus

    My girlfriend and I were walking along a seaside boulevard and lo and behold! 2 JWS were standing by the pathway. They made eye contact and said hello. We walked to the end and turned around and saw them again just chatting and looking at their phones. When we walked by I said "are you making any converts today"? They quickly said "oh no, no converts today".....WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND SO CALLED MINISTRY!!!

  • sir82

    In my experience, JWs are extremely grateful for cart witnessing.

    They get their "time" in, and for the most part do not have to actually, you know, speak to anyone.

    Bonus: They get to stoke their egos since only "exemplary" JWs get to work the carts. And there they are, on display for all the world (and more importantly, fellow JWs) to see, proof positive of their "exemplariness".

  • ToesUp

    We have family members who are full time pioneers. They love it because they get to do their favorite thing....SIT! If it were hard to pioneer, trust me, they would be the last people to do it.

  • minimus

    I must wonder what type of ministry this is. They don't initiate conversations they stand like zombies and they look like weirdos

  • steve2

    Shame on you minimus - you interrupted their chat.

  • sparky1

    "I saw 2 JWs doing nothing with their cart today" - minimus

    In other words, BUSINESS AS USUAL!

  • freddo

    I was visiting (with a JW family member so I behaved - sort of) a different country last weekend and in a city by one of the Metro stations was a cart with literature in (a European language) and English.

    The young couple had good understandable English and I introduced myself as a "brother" and asked if they were "having a successful day."

    "Oh yes!" said the young brother.

    I smilingly said "Oh, good! Have you started any bible studies?"

    "No, no." He said a bit sheepishly. "No bible studies."

    "So, how has it been successful?" I asked, all innocently.

    "We place literature. Look."

    And he showed me a little slip in a foreign language which looked like "video showings" "return visits" "placements" "bible studies" and such like.

    There was a number 3 in one column and a number 1 in another and a 1 in yet another. It meant 3 placements of literature and 1 showing of a video and 1 RV. I asked if it was for their shift or for the whole day. "From 8 until now." I was informed.

    It was about 3 pm and the spot had had pairs of witnesses on it from 8 in the morning and the 3 placements and the 1 showing an the RV weren't for the last 2 hour shift but for the whole day up until 3pm!

    So there we were in dry weather in a busy square by cafes and restaurants and shops and bus stops and tram stops and a metro station in a busy metropolitan city with lots of tourists on a Saturday afternoon and they had placed three friggin' pieces of literature and had one video showing and one RV and that counted as a successful day!

    Jesus wept, what a complete and utter waste of time - 7 hours and 4 pairs of witnesses for that. I could have done that in twenty minutes on my magazine route back in the day.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The time remaining is reduced. The End of this old system of things is very, very near! Thus we see the speeding up of the work!


    My girlfriend and I were walking along a seaside boulevard.....Minimus

    How did she recognize you?!..


  • minimus

    Why did that avatar come on and how do I get the old one back???

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