"Heritage" Vintage JW movie from 1966

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  • steve2

    Another "young" generation of JWs from the sixties is now into retirement age and still waiting....The power of a life dependent on being told what to do.

    The film trucks in a lot of fear and anxiety about what's happening the world with real gloomy scenes and lots of shorter scenes of young people dancing to "jazzy" music. How decadent. And there's an unintentionally hilarious scene with about six young dudes sitting in a convertible drinking from liquor bottles with one of them rising up and declaring, "I want to live now and get ahead." How wicked and worldly!

    You'll note a few minutes into the film, there's a scene with a young twosome sitting in a car - he wants to smooch and she's angsting about "life" and "happiness" (the usual stock-in-trade JW buzz words).

    She's obviously not a JW but sounds to my ears lost and anxious - the ideal recruit for JWs to find. She even says to her boyfriend as he tries to give her a full mouth kiss, "I wish someone would answer my questions".

    A perfect recruit back in the day. Now 50+ years later (the film's from 1966?), they don't recruit 'em like that much anymore.

  • finallysomepride

    I remember this movie, actually I only remember the part with the couple siting in the car & the 6 boys drinking/arguing while in the convertible.

    I was only 7 in 1966. I do remember seeing it again sometime later, possibly in the 70s.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Never heard of it. I am a born-in and I was 12 in 1966. But I was also raised in central IL a town called Tayorville. The only thing I remember from 1966 was star trek first came on TV. That TV show was more inspiring than any old movie the Borg could come up with. At lease star trek had a positive message. Still Totally ADD

  • slimboyfat

    Sad to watch that video. I know old timers who converted in this period. They really believed they were swapping a "worldly" way of life for something better. They were sold false promises. There were some gains involved in adopting a JW lifestyle for sure, but they were incidental, and in no way equal to the prize offered.

  • NikL

    There was some local grumbling about his having allegedly filmed a Marlboro cigarette commercial (in fairness, I don't know if he actually did), but again, the locals were advised to give him a pass.

    Would that be a big deal?

    The prohibition on tobacco didn't happen until 1972ish no?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Cigarette smoking was always frowned upon, DF offense or not...

  • truthseeker

    Room 215

    That's interesting, thanks for sharing. I work in Hackensack; I'm going to see if I can recognize any of the filming locations.


  • steve2

    There were times in the 1960s when "world conditions" did get terrifying - and the future did look ominous. Moreover, there were developments in the organization that felt compelling and as if those "in charge" knew where the organization was going. "Life Everlasting in the Freedom of the Sons of God" tantalized about 1975 - as did the earlier edition of the "Truth" book (remember the arrow pointing to the furtherest reach of the 1914 generation.

    To lots of us, the organization had its eye on the pulse of mankind and was confident about the nearness of the end. I had wanted to become a journalist and although I was disappointed my mother said she would not support me to do the training, I could see her reasons, given how near the end "felt".

    Looking back, this is a classic case of giving oneself over to others to decide one's future, and being just a little bit too nervous about the future of the wicked world.

    End-times religions trade on fear - it's their stock in trade - and that old movie is infused with an ominous, threatening air that was hard to refute at the time. This was back in the days when the organization really seemed to be on to something special - but no more, if it ever really was.

  • sparky1

    I was about 11 years old when this came out. It was even shown in private homes to small groups of witnesses and their families. After seeing this film, each time I heard a locker door slam in school the catchphrase "peace of mind and self respect" would run through my mind! I can't believe that Max Larsen and George Couch played 'loving' and concerned fathers in this film. Having been a Bethelite I learned that George Couch was as mean as a snake and Max Larsen always seemed cold and aloof. They never were fathers in real life but 'they played one on tv'. (Actually, I knew that George Couch was a jerk even before I became a Bethelite.)

  • ILoveTTATT2

    This got me thinking... has anyone got access to the rest of the pre-1966 films?

    1. God Cannot Lie (1966) ... Production Company
    2. Heritage (1966) ... Production Company
    3. Proclaiming 'Everlasting Good News' Around the World (1964) ... Production Company
    4. Divine Will International Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses (1959) ... Production Company
    5. The Happiness of the New World Society (1956) ... Production Company
    6. The New World Society in Action (1954) ... Production Company

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