Jesus Christ was anti-family

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  • Annon

    I always wonder what Jesus was doing in heaven when god commanded his chosen people to "put to death man and woman, child at play and baby at the breast, ox and sheep, camel and donkey" 1 Samuel 15:3 Byingtons translation. Just looking on perhaps.

  • waton

    by saying "The one that keeps looking at a woman.....has committed adultery", he discouraged people from getting married. If either the looker or the lookee is married, it is off to gehenna.

  • unsure

    This is the kind of shit that makes it really hard to have faith.

    Unless it was all some sort of metaphor.

  • deegee

    To "follow" Jesus did not mean to read books about him and sing hymns as it does today. For Peter it meant to literally walk away from his wife and his business and trek around Galilee and Judea with the itinerant Messiah.

    Since Jesus promised that it would all be over within their generation this radical response to Jesus must have seemed not unreasonable---------cofty

    Jesus' ethics were rooted in his apocalyptic belief that the end of the world was near, it would occur during his generation and so people needed to drop everything and follow him, give up everything in this world, sacrifice all and devote themselves to the imminent coming of the kingdom.

  • venus

    His fleshly family was extremely critical and used to call him "senseless" (Mark 3:21) which may have had a bearing on his teaching. That means his teaching was not universal, but he was the offspring of his time and circumstance which paved the way for numerous sects in the future as each one understood his teachings differently.

  • EdenOne


  • Nevuela

    "It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that he was a false prophet."

    If it is "impossible", then how can literally millions of people be doing it?

  • cofty

    Fair comment Nevuela. Let me rephrase.

    "It is impossible for anybody who does not read the bible through a Christian bias to avoid the conclusion that Jesus was a false prophet ".

  • Steel

    I always understood those verses in terms of leaving groups like the jehovah witnesses or Islam, when leaving a certain group to become a christian could actually cost you your family.

    Not my child smoked a cigarette, omg I can't talk to him any more.

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