Jesus Christ was anti-family

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  • deegee

    Strong family ties & family values did not matter to Jesus:

    - A person must hate his or her family and themselves in order to be Jesus’ disciple (Matthew 10:37; Luke 14:26)

    - Jesus will give a big reward to those who forsake their family, abandon their home, leave their family behind for him. Parents, siblings, spouses and children are of no importance in comparison with the coming Kingdom (Luke 5:11, 9:59-62, 14:26, 33; 18:28-30; Matthew 10:37, 19:27-30; Mark 10:28-31)

    - Familial rifts will be created. Jesus said he came to destroy families by making family members hate each other (Luke 12:51-53; Matthew 10:34-46)

    - Family tensions will be heightened, families and friendships will be torn apart because of Jesus (Matthew 10:21; Mark 13:12; Luke 12:52-53; 21:16)

    - Jesus disrespected his close family relationships. He insulted and spurned his family publicly for rejecting his message (Matthew 12:46-50; Mark 3:31-34; Luke 8:20-21, 11:27-28)

  • cofty

    I'm not sure they didn't matter but they were secondary. I think this is something that is often missed.

    To "follow" Jesus did not mean to read books about him and sing hymns as it does today. For Peter it meant to literally walk away from his wife and his business and trek around Galilee and Judea with the itinerant Messiah. Since Jesus promised that it would all be over within their generation this radical response to Jesus must have seemed not unreasonable.

    It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that he was a false prophet, a cult leader and a destroyer of family relationships.

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  • waton

    Those scriptures legitimise the "Pioneer, sacrifice all for wt" propaganda in almost every wt "study". are we not glad there are mitigating scriptures like Paul's " Wives, be obedient to your husbandly owners" ?

  • cofty
    are we not glad there are mitigating scriptures like Paul's " Wives, be obedient to your husbandly owners" ? - Waton

    I hope you are being ironic!

  • Crazyguy

    Yes there contradictions in the gospels in what jesus was saying and teaching too. Once one really studies the Bible it become clear it's all one big fat joke!

  • waton
    I hope you are being ironic! cofti

    one can not take any of this stuff seriously. reply to a fool according to his foolishness?

  • WTWizard

    Jesus will reward those putting joke-hova ahead of family? It is the family that spreads the human race down generations, and as such it should be allowed to function unimpeded. Yet, this scumbag divides families--yet it condemns adultery, which only adds new members to the family (and is only a sin if done deceptively or out of spite)? This scumbag Jesus also divides the whole human family by starting major wars--adultery (which this scumbag forcibly condemns) does not.

    This is just one more reason why Jesus, even if it was true, would have been nothing more than scum. It saves me from nothing--the "sins(??)" are arbitrary. It prevents real salvation--by denying development and use of spiritual powers not found in that damnation book. It drains wealth, it suppresses science in areas where it (and its buddy allah) become dominant. It causes poverty, shortages, famines, diseases, and general misery leading to full slavery under the worst communism you could imagine. About the only value of this thing is found in Billy Idol's song Plastic Jesus where he uses the thing as a flask.

  • venus

    Interpreters say what Jesus meant was to keep family ties secondary. But if that is what Jesus really meant, what is the difficulty for Jesus to say "keep your family ties secondary" rather than going round about and say "A person must hate his or her family and themselves in order to be Jesus’ disciple"? A religious teacher must be crystal clear like explaining traffic signal: Red means STOP; Green means START leaving no opportunity for any one to interpret them.

  • smiddy

    Thanks deegee I was thinking something along those lines myself just recently .

    Like , what are the unchristian things Jesus promoted and taught or just approved of.?

    Such as slavery,

    The killing of all people men,women and children in a global flood ( whether it happened or not Jesus approved of it )

    Also the prophetic coming destruction of 99.9% of all humanity at Armageddon .

    And those scriptures you cite just show how unchristian Jesus was.

    Modern day Christianity just cherry picks what they want people to hear about Jesus teachings and keeping quiet about what they dont want them to hear.

    Thanks for the post.dg

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