Science disproves JW claims

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  • OneEyedJoe

    You don't have to run all the way to quantum non-locality to disprove the JWs (and indeed most of the bible's claims). Geology, biology, archaeology and astronomy all do that pretty handily and are much more easily understandable by the lay-person than quantum entanglement is.  Also i'm really not sure how quantum entanglement actually disproves JW claims from your post.

    Hell, as far as JWs are concerned, basic arithmetic disproves them. 1 (generation) != 2 (generations).

  • elbib


    You completed my post. Thanks for that!

  • elbib


    You put a great truth in a humorous tone.

    Your comments remind me something else: God’s style of functioning! In some major religions, the word God as they use in their language also means “one who acts in a way that he does not exist” which enables each person to have his own conclusion about God. When we see order in the universe, one can say He exists, yet one can also see chaos where he can also say He does not exist. Why, even when scriptures are trampled with, He does not prevent it.

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