Science disproves JW claims

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  • elbib

    According to Quantum Theory and non-locality, two particles, can act in unity. For example, take A and B (photons or electrons for example). Pair them, then separate them, and put them on either side of the planet. Stimulate particle A, and particle B will react without any perceivable time delay.

    In other words both particles act at the same moment in time regardless of distance. This is remarkable right, how can this be? We need to have a physical connection, we need to observe some kind of interconnecting frequency waveform or something! This also means we’ve got an interaction between particles happening way beyond the speed of light,

    Let us now duplicate the above drama. Take two conscious entities—Supreme Father in heaven, and some “chosen ones” in the Writing Department in Brooklyn : Father gets a stimulation that He should transfer some vital information to the few in the Writing Department, and causes the same stimulation in the recipients and transfers the information. [This is very much possible as parties involved are much more than mere photons or electrons.] Yet, Writing Department made many mistakes! What would vouch for this unnatural outcome from this 'spirit-guided org'?

  • ttdtt

    Quantum effects can not be compared to ANYTHING or have any effect in the MACRO world.


  • konceptual99
    But the observation that for some odd reason Jehovah God is able to determine the operation of every particle in the universe yet can't get the GB to write anything down that remains consistent and truthful is certainly true.
  • elbib

    Answer could be: Either God did not use His spirit to guide the organization, or when He sent His spirit, WC did not listen at all because of their preconceived ideas - their own opinions, prejudices, conclusions - and these obviously became a barrier and prevented them from listening. After all, if one is to listen, one must be attentive. And there is no attention if one is occupied with one's own thoughts, conclusions, opinions, evaluations -then all communication ceases. Communication is not a one-sided affair. Both the parties must be in communion with each other in all aspects.

  • konceptual99
    The answer could be it's all bollocks.
  • Vidiot

    elbib - "Science disproves JW claims..."


    Basic common sense disproves JW claims.


  • Crazyguy
    Science disproves the bible period.
  • sparky1

    "Don't ask me why Jehovah can't get through to his Governing Body(tm). I've been a theoretical physicist for my entire career and it has me completely baffled!" - David Bohm

  • prologos
    According to wt old light does not "god" reside in the Pleiades? that's 444.4 light years away, and there they must not have heard yet about quantum entanglement, so be patient.

    Science disproves JW claims

    Watchtower Claims are so ridiculous..

    You could use something as equally ridiculous to disprove anything Watchtower says..



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