Who really is assigned the Congregation Charity Tax return in the congregation?

by Quarterback 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • WireRider

    Huh. The mother ship sucks up all the money and everyone else has to file paperwork. Wouldn't you think with a hierarchical structure where they claim to own ALL property and run ALL meetings that they would handle the accounting paperwork? Are all KW independently certified as tax exempt? And maintain the filings?

    I think there is something very suspicious with having every KH file their own tax paperwork about "charity" or "tax exempt" when the money get's sent to the Watchtower with absolutely no accountability. That makes every KH, tax volunteer, a complete lair if they claim charitable status. Violation of law. Every "Kingdom Hall" is in violation of tax fraud and tax evasion.

    How do they claim "We sent $50,000 to the Watchtower without any idea of what it's used for"? How does that qualify anywhere as tax exempt?

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