Hi people!

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  • BluesBrother

    Hi Ozzie , you are well remembered... Sorry to read of the passing of your good lady . They must have been dark days

    I have no Shiraz but I will raise a nice English cup of tea in your honour

    Now that you have returned, why not stick around?

  • slimboyfat

    Wow, hi Ozzie!

    Sorry to hear about your wife.

  • carla

    Hey Ozzie! So sorry to hear about the Mrs.

    Funny, I remember you quite often, you once made a comment about your wife making you help with laundry or something and you decided to just hang everything on hangars instead of using laundry pins/clips and I thought, 'good grief! why aren't I doing that? I needed a man from down under to point out the obvious?!" ha, so I often chuckle about that as I am still doing that and think of you and hoped you were doing well.


  • WingCommander

    Ozzie! Glad to see you back on here. Very sorry to hear of your loss.

    Not sure where "up in smoke" is in Aussie-land, but I hope it's nice.

    Welcome back!

  • ozziepost

    Wow, this is getting to be a reunion! A real blast from the past.

    howdy Black Sheep, BluesBrother, slimboyfat, Carla, WingCommander !

    Ya know what Carla, I still only drip dry all my laundry except for the bedsheets. I’ve got some supply of hangars still 😁

    i’m lucky that my apartment has a drying room.

  • Diogenesister
    Not sure where "up in smoke" is in Aussie-land, but I hope it's nice.
    Welcome back!

    I think he means he's "up" in the city now?(big smoke?)

    My condolences Aussie. This last few years must have been a very lonely time for you😔

    Also...bumping so others will get a chance to notice

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm a new arrival here compared to you.

    My sympathy regarding the loss of your wife. My wife and I both have had some serious health issues and thus we have talked about that "inevitable event". We've even acquired cemetery plots. It all still seems a little surreal since for all of our lives we were told (and I guess believed) that we would live forever. Of course, we were also told we would never start school, or graduate from school, or get married, or have children (in this system of things). Yet, all of these things have come to pass and now we have grandchildren. So, I suppose somewhere along the way we already had some doubts about the other promises ie, living forever.

    I would find it interesting if you shared a little of your "story" and I think other Newbies would as well, How is it that you showed up here 21 years ago? What was that first doubt or first event that opened the floodgates of TTATT?

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

    Hopefully you've gotten your "revenge".

  • HappyDad

    So nice for you to call and say hello Ozzie. It's been a long time. I always enjoyed your posts and hope you call more often. We are all getting up there in age (75 here) and things change. Sorry to hear about Mrs Ozzie. My Mrs. has been gone almost 26 years now.

    Speaking of shiraz.....it is now my favorite.

  • tenyearsafter

    Hi Ozziepost...I remember you as well! God to see you again, and my condolences on the loss of your wife. Cheers!

  • arwen

    I too remember you. I’ve been here a long time. My sympathy on the loss of your dear wife. Take care and stay safe ❤️

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