What do you think is the best way to deal with karma?

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  • CruithneLaLuna

    Oh, I am confused. Someone has given me a little taste of my own medicine, and I don't like it.

    Here we are, very close to eleven years later to the day. Does anyone know of some astrological or other synchronistic significance of a period of eleven years?

    I am loathe to give details, and after trying to explain why I realize that I can't.

    Anyway, based on what little I am able to reveal, "in this sort of situation" do you think I should thank this person who has treated me in a manner that almost anyone would consider shoddy (let's just say that I wouldn't expect people to volunteer for such treatment, and most wouldn't accept it in exchange for a large sum of money) ... as I was saying, should I thank this person for being my teacher, and bless the person's course in life (send good wishes and "positive energy"), or find someone whose shoulder I can cry on, and not gossip but ... you know, talk about what happened and how I feel, etc.

    It is hard to go looking for a friend when you have been seriously let down by someone whom you counted one and expected to be a faithful friend.

    Doing mental / emotional spirals (alternately clockwise and counter-clockwise) and looking for an appropriate ritual,


  • gumby

    Lithium has done wonders for many.


  • Satanus

    It can be a bitch. But i don't believe in the karma doctrine. It's just another fear tactic, imo. I think that we attract these things subconsciously. If you can get a handle on your subconscious, so to speak, then your life would be almost completely in your control. 'Course, i'm not claiming that position for myself, so it's kinda theoretical, to a point.


  • gumby
    If you can get a handle on your subconscious, so to speak, then your life would be almost completely in your control.

    I see you've been doing a little reading in Psychology eh SS?


  • Odrade

    Karma is WAY more complicated than the way you are using it though. It's not really just "what goes around comes around." Karma takes in intent or lack of also. It can mean good or bad thoughts will follow positive or negative actions.

    Here's a decent short-form definition: http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/freenet/rootdir/menus/sigs/religion/buddhism/introduction/truths/karma2.html

    As far as your situation, without details or intentions, it's hard to give this kind of advice on an internet forum. Just remember, kindness never hurts the giver, but harshness can.


  • mizpah

    I love this bumber sign I recently saw:


  • CruithneLaLuna

    Thanks for all of your comments, ranging from serious to facetious (or facetious to serious).

    The situation has to do with dumping and being dumped, as a lover and as a friend. This time, I am the dumpee. It is quite interesting how in a very short length of time, the story one hears from the other party can go from wanting to spend the rest of our lives together, to essentially "there is no room for you in my life." When this person wanted me, or thought she did, she conveyed the best love lines and sweet nothings that anyone has ever offered me. What I have experienced, therefore, has been something like the Amazon River being diverted into a new channel, with my little hamlet on the banks left high and dry. Where did my fishing industry go?

    What I am having the most trouble with is not being let go as a lover, but being shut off and shut out completely. This person dripped and dripped until I decided I liked the water, then turned on the fire hydrant for a while (expressing intent never to turn it off), and then suddenly spun the valve completely shut. Actually, it was in two stages: 1. "Here are the reasons why we can't be lovers any longer, but we can try being best friends again (as we were previously);" then 2. (a week or so later) "Here are the reasons why we can't have an active friendship any longer." Of course, the other party explains kindly why all of this change is necessary, in order for her needs, wants, whims, and general agenda in life to be fulfilled.

    I did something similar to someone else, feeling it was necessary, almost exactly eleven years ago.

    Last night, I indulged in a prayer ritual, and while I was in Sacred Space, I could feel nothing negative whatsoever toward my former lover. I was able only to bless her and wish her well, to hope and pray for her happiness and fulfillment. Although my ego is taunting me, calilng me a weakling, wimp, etc. - evidently expecting me to react angrily to being hurt - I think the ego is just being its bad little self, and while I can let it throw its tantrums internally, I don't have to manifest them externally. Maybe the ego can learn the lesson that all of that ranting and thrashing doesn't acomplish anything good for anyone.

    Regarding karma, I don't know if I believe in it exactly as propounded by a given religion or philosophy, but it is interesting how often life serves as our teacher. Whether it is God, spirit guides, our own subconscious, or "chance" that determines that we need to learn from a taste of our own medicine, sometimes things do work to that effect, almost uncannily (as they say).


  • stillajwexelder

    I only read this post because I thought it was about sex - -the Karam Sutra -- sorry

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Sorry you have been hurt

    But life happens. People lie. They change their minds. Some people enjoy the chase much more than the enjoyment of the catch.

    Learn the lessons to be learned about trust and judgement. And move on.

    Personally I think opportunities come for us to learn. We either do the learning or will have to face it again in some other form. I wouldn't say I believe in karma or predestination but life is full of experiences and eventually we all encounter similar situations

  • Maverick

    The best way is very carefully. It always pulls out my filiings. So I don't eat caramel any mor...oh wait...Karma. Sorry never mind! Maverick P.S. my eyes don't hear very well...

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