The WTBTS' "Golden Calf"

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  • prologos

    I think they also said, while the might have erred in the past, any changes ongoing in the future will be a sign of them being spirit directed.

    yeah, Jackson said it would be presumptuous to claim---


    They failed to explain one very important point. Let's review:

    1) They aren't infallible.

    2) They aren't inspired.

    3) They make errors in judgment and doctrine.

    4) Being wrong and changing is proof that they are "spirit directed."

    And the one they left out.......

    5) New "truth", such as the Evil Slave being hypothetical, ( So convenient for the WTBTS! ) actually comes from the pens of "False Religious" scholars.

    You won't find point #5 in a "spirit directed" WT article!


  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "...Aren't they contradicting themselves with such statements?"

    Experts at it, as always.

  • BluesBrother

    Searcher:- Man, when I see these comments about the hard time people get from uber dub families, I am grateful that Sis. Blues is even more critical of the modern Society than I dare to be, out loud. It does not shake her faith in the overal "Truth" though.

    Didn't Orwell call it doublethink? .. The concept of having two contradictory beliefs at the same time , and yet believe both of them.

    1) The Society is directed by an infallible God

    2) The Society is human and we accept it's mistakes

  • Vidiot
    Data-Dog - "...4. Being wrong and changing is proof that they are 'spirit directed'..."

    I think this is the one that gobsmacks me the most. :laughing:

  • No longer a Babe
    No longer a Babe

    Zeb agree. Jackson said it clear and loud at the ARC.It would be " PRESUMPTUOUS" of him to say that Jahoober uses only them as his channel of communication. What a lying turd !

  • Vidiot
    No longer a Babe - "...What a lying turd!"

    I thought it was a refreshing moment of honesty, actually. :smirk:

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