Evolution is a Fact #37 - Testicles

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  • cofty

    What is more likely.

    1 - The RLN loops under the aorta because Jesus couldn't figure out how to avoid doing that.

    2 - In view of the overwhelming evidence from genetics, embryology, biogeography, comparative anatomy, and paleontology that all species evolved from a common ancestor, the circuitous route of the RLN and the vas deferens are a quirk of the evolutionary history of our embryology.

    The giraffe is a beautiful animal. 

    Yes it is. Genetics and comparative anatomy show that it's nearest relative is the okapi.

  • TheLiberator

    Vidqun is right. To call something a flaw is presumptuous. Proof of evolution? That is why I call it desperate. It is laughable. Reminds me of American cars vs foreign. American cars are many times easier to repair than say a Toyota or a Mazda.

    Why on planet earth would someone put the spark plugs behind the front wheel on the driver's side of my son's Mazda? Seems stupid to me. But if you ask the maker he will explain exactly why. And your ignorance will shine. The Mazda still had a creator. So this whole testicle nonsense is just absurd.

    “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”—2 Timothy 4: 3– 4,

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The giraffe is a beautiful animal. I only have praise for it and its designer - ok.

    Out of interest, Vidqun, are there any species you view as ugly? Do these bring shame on their designer?

  • notsurewheretogo
    Yes, God did that for a reason that you will soon find out

    ???? Really? Is that "soon"? Which generation will that occur?

    Out of interest, Vidqun, are there any species you view as ugly? Do these bring shame on their designer?

    Indeed, leeches and mosquitos that feed on "sacred blood" are very "ugly" creatures are they not...

  • Diogenesister
    Vidquin The most logical reason is that the RLN design is due to developmental constraints. Eminent embryologist Professor Erich Blechschmidt wrote that the recurrent laryngeal nerve's seemingly poor design in adults is due to the "necessary consequences of developmental dynamics," not historical carryovers from evolution.

    ?????? " necessary consequences of developmental dynamics" ....this in no way contradicts our evolutionary history as being the cause of these " developmental dynamics" . Its essentially a meaningless sentence.

    Can you explain why it is "logical" that we should develop that way then????

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray


    "Why… would someone put the spark plugs behind the front wheel on the driver’s side of my son’s Mazda? Seems stupid to me. But if you ask the maker he will explain exactly why. And your ignorance will shine."

    Having worked for a few manufacturers in the auto industry, I can tell you exactly what the makers would say. They would say that it was a design fault. They would own up to the fact that it was poor design… a flaw, if you wish.

    I don’t know for sure but I would guess that the engine in your son’s Mazda was designed long before the rest of the car and subsequently, had to be compromised due to other factors of how the car is designed. Happens all the time. There are limited funds for R and D, so things don’t get thought out quite as well as they should be.

    A perfect god doesn’t have that excuse. Even the maker of your son’s Mazda would look at the routing of the vas deferens and see that it has not been thought out. It is a flaw. It works, as do your son’s spark plugs, but it is a flawed design, like your son’s Mazda.

    I don’t see the migration of the gonads from fish to man laughable at all. To claim the route that the vas deferens takes was created with intelligence is quite laughable. A little like the vestigial legs in whales.

    If you were to board a submarine and you found a differential, rear axles and a rusty set of disk brakes with seized calipers at the rear of the boat, that were clearly designed into the integral structure of the underwater sea vessel, you would seriously have to wonder about the designer. A submarine obviously has no need at all for wheels or a car’s drive shaft.

    Yet that is exactly the case with whales. They have very distinct vestigial legs at the rear of their bodies, miniature hip joints that are clearly distinguishable, leg bones even…

    Why would an intelligent designer create a fish with legs inside its body? That really would be absurd. Evolution explains exactly why this is. But why would a creator put legs in a fish, or needlessly route the vas deferens the long way round?

  • Vidqun

    LoveUniHateExams, yes I love nature and all critters in it. Some of them I love less, e.g., viruses, tapeworms, mosquitoes, etc. But all of them, great and small, fascinates me no end. Think of the Zika virus and the mosquito, a fascinating development and an open field for research. Is the Zika virus the culprit? Did the virus mutate spontaneously or with the help of pesticides? Wish I was younger that I could research it. According to the experts, originally the mosquito lived off sap of trees. But then he migrated from there and noticed sacks of blood walking around on the ground. Again a case of adaptation, not evolution.

    Notsurewheretogo, for one, science is moving very fast. Today we have junk DNA, tomorrow we find out what it's for. Saw a documentary on meter long leeches in American rivers. Would not want to encounter one of those while swimming. Same with a shark. But that doesn't make them less fascinating.

    Diogenesister, perhaps you've missed this part: “Human-designed devices, such as radios and computers, do not need to function until their assembly is complete. By contrast, living organisms must function to a high degree in order to thrive during every developmental stage from a single-cell zygote to adult. The embryo as a whole must be a fully functioning system in its specific environment during every second of its entire development. For this reason, adult anatomy can be understood only in the light of development.” One would not be able to unplug, shorten or alter a nerve, artery or vein in the process of development. The zygote and later the embryo needs all of this to function all the time for it to continue living.

    Liberator, yes I find the comparison with the development of a car and submarine interesting. All those things need to be designed and manufactured by someone. But when it comes to living beings (much more complicated in design and manufacture) we prefer to ascribe it to coincidence or Mother Nature. Again it comes down to the template of life, i.e., DNA. No matter who you are, if you start manufacturing you need a basic template. From this template you will be able to build or subtract or change. Does this not make sense?

  • cofty
    Does this not make sense?

    No. If you are claiming all living things were made by an intelligent designer it makes no sense at all.

    we prefer to ascribe it to coincidence or Mother Nature

    Evolution by natural selection is not about "coincidence or Mother Nature"

    Liberator - Quoting bible verses isn't a reasonable response to scientific evidence.

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