New Spiritually Weak Label: Not Using Tablet/iPhone

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  • freemindfade

    I am with you.

    When I do escort the wife on some Sundays I was holding a paper wt.

    However! Last time I went it was awful I handed her the watchtower and sat there not looking at anything. So I'm one step beyond now. Lol

  • Gulf Coaster
    Gulf Coaster
    They probably don't care if the oldies are disenchanted by the use of technology in the bOrg now. Many of them probably don't like or agree with the changes in doctrine over the years, i.e., overlapping generation, etc. I'm sure they hate how the organization isn't like the one they joined or were born into, decades ago. But they've been JWs for so long very few would leave now. Too hard to leave the only thing they've known all their lives, and the only community they have. Like a prisoner who's been released from jail in their 70's or older - can't imagine how they function on the outside, especially with no outside support. They're stuck, waiting to die or for their precious paradise to finally arrive.
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    "Jehovah's Chariot". How I hate that expression!

    Jehovah is a drunk driver!!!


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    All they want from the older folk is their $$$. Who cares if they can keep up with the technology, just hand over your inheritance when you die.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I remember when it was the opposite. Having printouts of scriptures or WT iterature references was bad. I did it anyway and didn't say anything. I did it as the School Overseer, as it made my job easier.

    I remember my wife typing out the interpretation from foreign language to English to help a "student" and some elder's wife complaining about the noise of her "banging" keys on a laptop. "You have to be sitting right in front of her to even hear it." The sister said she was right in front of her. "Well, MOVE! She's providing something valuable for someone trying to learn." Oh, the grief I received for not backing down. The elderette got her husband and I said, "If you are unable to move your wife to another seat, YOU GO TELL Mrs. OTWO she needs to stop."

    So now it's flipped. Like most things JW. The internet was bad until it was inevitable, and even then it was resisted until printing was becoming expensive. Technology is only good if Watchtower says so. Nothing new under the sun.

  • skin
    No ipad or tablet yet for me. Sometimes will turn on my phone during the meeting to check the kh wifi speed or view the names of all the other devices that are currently connected to the kh wifi. Just to be noisy. Not everyone that has a gadget in our hall have it connected to the kh wifi but a very high percentage are online during meetings.
  • blondie

    If I were still in the dark about the WTS, I would only bring a tablet to entertain myself and I would not use them at the door....and then use videos.

    My grandmother told me of the days when they used a testimony card...people at the door thought the jws were deaf. And the phonographs....people's cats and dogs would most likely peed on them....and I'm sure the neighbors liked hearing.

  • TheListener

    My wife's family jumped on board right away and were very excited. The newness and excitement has worn off for the older ones and they're tired of always having issues with their devices. They have no idea how to sync multiple devices or find older copies of studied watchtowers. They really are just going from week to week and feeling frustrated but not really allowed to express themselves - except for little comments when we visit that I pick up on.

    My wife is not into the technology. She is about 50/50 with her electronic use. She still takes some paper to the meetings and uses the technology for some things too. She also doesn't really like it because of the frustration with her knowledge of electronics. But, she's not allowed to complain and only makes minor comments once in awhile after the meeting about her frustrations. A good dub would never openly complain about a provision from J.

  • DJS
    Yes, you are alone in this. Now get off my lawn!
  • StarTrekAngel

    I remember too when I started to use my iphone to track FS work. A brother had written an iphone app called "my time" which used the gps to track your place in the territory, counted your time and allowed to use the calendar to mark down the visits, return calls, etc. You could then hit a button and submit the report to the elder at the end of the mont. This was 2008-09. I showed it to one elder and, as usual, technology seems to breakdown when you need it the most (not when you want it the most). Signal in our territory was bad. So he immediately used that to bash the idea and scold me for holding down the progress as I was waiting for my phone to get signal again. He said this is what happens to everything man invents. It fails. After returning from the 2014 International convention, where GB Jackson used a tabled to give his speech, I was scolded for using my tablet to give an assignment, instead of printing my assingment. Later on another elder told me that it was ok to use the tablet for the assingment but not for reading the bible.

    I did not go to the meeting so I am not sure what they may have said here in our part of the US. I will ask though, one of my coworkers has his meeting today.

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